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Got to feeling a bit creative today, and decided to create a new desktop image. I decided to experiment with a twist of Lennon:

Yeah, it may look a bit bleak with the dark background, but I like it. Maybe when I'm feeling better I'll try for something more whimsical, like a Yellow Submarine theme or Spongebob.


I was wrong, there was one window in the room. It overlooked the cramped parking lot in the cramped office park off of Virginia Beach Boulevard. The test seemed simple enough, standard data entry and one of those one hundred-question job attitude surveys. You've probably had to take one before; you're asked if you'd squeal on a co-worker who steals or if you'd steal stuff yourself. That sort of thing.

This would be a great company to work for, problem is the base salary is much lower than what I'm making now. In this area I don't have much of a choice for the skills I have. All the good tech jobs are further north, and I don't quite have the experience yet. I did get Dreamweaver recently, though, so I have to teach myself how to use it.

Listening to: "Fly by Night" by Rush. They're coming to VA Beach in July, and tix go on sale Friday! Yay! To see Paul and Rush in the same calendar year...oh, yeah!



I hate job interviews. Actually I don't really have one today, it's more of a "test," so I was told on the phone. I'm assuming I'll be put into a windowless room with a computer and told to type three pages of nonsense so this company can be certain of my ability to type. I can type 60 WPM when I'm not nervous.

I'm very undecided about things at this point, and my current company continues to send mixed signals. Yes, you should update your resumes, but the parent company is in meetings now to do their best to retain all of you. Whatever, so long as I get a decent severance package should my time come. I'll double-dip in the market if I have to, I'm sure as hell not quitting.


The lady who owns our condo is coming to visit Monday, so it's been a mad rush to get everything around here looking somewhat sane. It will prove challenging, considering we have essentially packed a four-room house into a one-room loft. Don't ask how we did it. This was supposed to be a temporary move until we bought a house. Thing is, the houses here are priced so out of our range that we have been unable to buy anything. What money we manage to save each year goes to Uncle Sam, so every year we are basically screwed. My faltering job situation helps little as well. I hope this lady has a very good sense of humor.


Thirty miles today! We started at London Bridge park off of Great Neck Road, trudged up the bike line into First Landing State Park, then on to the Virginia Beach boardwalk and back. Beautiful day for it, too. All along the boardwalk people were displaying muscle cars. Gorgeous classic Camaros and Mustangs; we have to weave in and out of all the people who came out to take advantage of the day. It will only get worse when the tourists arrive, so this may be one of the last trips out to the boardwalk for a while.

There's gonna be a M*A*S*H reunion on FOX! I'm usually pretty wary about these things. I know networks do them to grab ratings, and as much as I loved the show I'm not sure I want to see how much everybody has aged over the years. Plus, MacLean and Larry are can they have a reunion without Blake and Burns?


We can all relax now. The NorVa found their Jake Blues mannequin. Here is the e-mail I received from the mailing list:

He disappeared in the middle of the night, leaving his brother Elwood to sing the blues alone and his fans at the Backstage Café devastated. But after weeks of searching and the tireless efforts of Norfolk's finest, "Joliet" Jake Blues has been found.

Long considered the "godfathers" of the Backstage Café, the laidback Blues brothers have watched over the restaurant, located at 320 Granby St., almost since the day the doors opened. Its been their "mission from God" to bring style and soul Backstage.

But the music almost died on April 3rd when Jake mysteriously took off in the middle of the night. Some say a girl from Impenema was involved. Others claimed it was a fight between the two brothers that led to his disappearance while others wondered whether one of his many devoted fans had crossed the line from admirer to abductor. Regardless of the reason, his distraught friends and fans began a frantic search for their missing "Soul Man."

Media publicity brought in hundreds of tips. Someone spotted Jake while golfing. Another informant found him in Richmond. One young woman spotted him racing down Shore Dr. in a pick-up truck. Someone saw him in a bowling alley and still another caller swore he had passed Jake on a highway heading to Chicago in an old police car with a tank full of gas and a half-pack of cigarettes. But days went by and then a week and still no real leads. Finally, out of utter desperation, the Norfolk police were brought in.

Two veteran officers from the Norfolk City Police Department joined the search, bringing hope to the almost hopeless. For days, the pair followed up on every lead and tirelessly tracked each clue to Poquoson, Hampton, Pungo and even Joilet, Ill. Now, thanks to them, almost a month since his disappearance, the missing musician has been brought home.

At approximately 5:00 PM yesterday, Detectives J.E. Temple and E.L. Flax rescued Jake from some mysterious location in Chesapeake. "We always get our man," said the dynamic duo after tracking down Jake's whereabouts and returning him safely home.

There is no way to express the gratitude felt by Jake's fans and friends for the heroic efforts of the two detectives. We are forever in their debt.

Upon his arrival, Jake was immediately sequestered in a small room, cut-off from his cigarettes and Scotch and forced to undergo intense interrogation by Backstage management to determine how and why he disappeared. As of this morning, Joilet Jake still hasn't said a word.

Heh. I was worried that Carrie Fisher finally managed to rub him out.


get yer own


Hey there, kids, it's time for the Friday Five! WooHoo!

1. What are your hobbies? Writing. If you don't believe me, check out the book I wrote. I've also taking up cycling again, and am averaging 10 miles a ride on weekdays (20 on weekends).

2. Do you collect anything? I have a collection of those squished pennies you get from theme parks and such. I used to belong to a club and did some hardcore trading, but after 9/11 that kind of fizzled out. I'm still collecting the statehood quarters, though.

3. Is there a hobby you're interested in, but just don't have the time/money to do? My husband bought me a guitar, and I'd love to learn to play but I just don't have the time to commit to practice and lessons.

4. Have you ever turned a hobby into a moneymaking opportunity? I've been paid for my writing. Not a lot of money, but fifty bucks is fifty bucks!

5. Besides web-related stuff (burbs, rings, etc.), what clubs do you belong to? Catholic Writers Association, Florida Writers Association, HTML Writers Guild, and about a billion million mailing lists on Yahoo! Groups.


I found this on alt.gossip.celebrities. Yeah, I know, I should be more constructive with my time. I thought this was funny anyway:

The final episode is a clip show set in a courtroom.

Runs for 9 seasons

We gave a crap about 4 unsympathetic and selfish characters for 9 years.

Mulder = Jerry

Scully = Elaine

Skinner = George

Lone Gunmen Trio = Kramer

They all end up in jail (Seinfeld) or dead (X-Files)

The Seinfiles


I'm experimenting with some color and background graphics in the tables. Eventually I'd like to be able to make skins for this site Iike I've seen with other blogs. I need to know .php to do that though, so I'm off to snag some tutorials! I just hope blogspot will accept them once I am finished!


I just pledged $30 toward a grass-roots effort to buy the Montreal Expos. I figure if I'm not working soon it would be a good investment seeing as how they are doing rather well this season. They keep beating Atlanta, anyway. Besides, I love baseball, and I don't mind doing this even if I'm only 33% Canadian.

My brother called last night. Turns out I'm going to have a nephew at the end of the year. They have already picked out his name: Jack Robert Beyerle. Sounds too much like "Jack Rabbit" to me, and a nickname like that could only make sense if the boy became a track and field star. I should start saving up to buy him a pair of Sauconys. Seriously, I'm excited to become an aunt. I even had a dream last night where I got to hold him and be the flamboyant auntie Kate.



I am 33% CANADIAN!!!

(Take the Canadian-ness test)

Beauty, eh?


I didn't get much sleep last night. Might have been because I was still keyed up after seeing PAUL MCCARTNEY in concert!

That's right. I've wanted to see at least one ex-Beatle live since I was thirteen. I missed my chance with Ringo when he brought the All-Star band to Hampton Roads last year (we had to be out of town then), but damned if I was going to miss Paul (especially if this is his last US tour)! He played the MCI Center last night, and I was more than willing to make the trip.

I was worried, at first, that we were not going to get there at all. My husband insisted on coming with me, even though he wasn't going to the show. So I had to wait for him to get off work and worry myself to death about whether or not we were going to get through the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, which can get clogged quite early and thereby render traffic to a halt.

Then, once we were on the road, my car starting doing odd things like lurching and shaking as if it was about to stall. Malc made noise that he wanted to turn around, and by then we were past Williamsburg. Turning back would have added an hour to the trip, so here I am in the passenger seat of my car praying to make it to Franconia-Springfield safely. Soon after that the car was fine. We stopped once for gas, put some fuel injection fluid in the tank and had no more problems.

I took the Metro into town and was dropped off right at the arena. Easy! Every city should have something as convenient. I made it to the show with 30 minutes to spare, and sat in the nosebleed section with a dead-on view of the stage. Draped from the ceiling at eye-level were the American and Canadian flags and retired numbers for three people I'm assuming were Washington Capitals players. I don't know hockey from line dancing, so I'll leave it at that until somebody corrects me.

Met a guy who came all the way from Kentucky to see the show. He had on a blue shirt with PAUL MCCARTNEY BOUND TOUR 2002 printed in white block letters. He brought along a can of bubbles and talked about taking the rest of his vacation near my neck of the woods. I didn't get to talk with him much because around 8:15 is when the show started. I'll skip details of the Cirque de Soleil-type opening and get right to Paul...he was terrific. He looked great, he was in great voice, and I think there were only three songs in the playlist I did not know completely by heart. True, from my vantage point he was a moving action figure playing piano and bass guitar on a tiny stage, but there were video screens for us financially-impaired folk who couldn't afford the better seats. Who cares, though? I SAW PAUL MCCARTNEY, damn it! I heard him sing "Hey Jude" live in concert! I can now cross that off my list of things I want to do before I die. Between this and getting Little Flowers published, I figure the list should be completed by the time I'm forty. The rest will just be gravy, baby!


I read online this morning that Linda Boreman was killed in a car crash. That will likely mean nothing to you, but were I to say her alias was Linda Lovelace I imagine a glint of recognition would register. "Oh, yeah, Linda Lovelace! Whatever the hell happened to her?" Now you know.

You're probably also wondering how the author of a pro-Christian, pro-life book would know of Linda Lovelace as well. I'll tell you this, I wasn't always pro-Christian and/or pro-life. I was born and raised Catholic, and as I grew I left the Faith, but in a sense it never left me. It seemed for all the things I did as a young adult there was always something nagging at me, some impulse that pulled me away from my environment as if to show me from another vantage point the kind of life I was living. Sadly, it took many years before I heeded that warning; I lost a lot of time.

Anyway, back to Linda. About five years ago, I was a pro-choice feminist trying to break into freelance writing and I came upon a website called Riotgrrl (now defunct). The editor liked my writing and I climbed aboard for a monthly gig as columnist...unpaid, but at the time I had a job and I was really only looking for experience. I wrote some pretty good stuff, funny stuff, and some stuff that I wish I had never written. One issue was devoted entirely to sex, and my contribution was an essay about the first adult film I ever saw. Yes, it was Deep Throat, but because I lived in Florida at the time it was heavily edited so I didn't get to see any detail. I don't think I'd want to now; I was squeamish then and porn doesn't interest me now anyway. In fact, my return to the Faith happened during my tenure with Riotgrrl, and it showed in my writing. I was then unceremoniously dumped from their lineup with no explanation, and no replies to my e-mails. Very classy, guys.

The essay was more about Linda than about the industry. I read her book Ordeal, which detailed her many years of abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, whom she claims forced her into the industry. It's not a book for the faint of heart; the way Linda told the story made me want to retch. It angered me to read that while so many people became millionaires because of her onscreen antics Linda for the most part was scraping to get by on a daily basis. Deep Throat has grossed over $600 million since it's initial release, and it was one of the first adult films to play in theaters alongside mainstream movies. Can you imagine a double billing of Deep Throat and Star Wars?

There are people who maintain Linda lied about the abuse. After reading the book and writing the column, I sided with Linda. My reasoning was this: if Linda was so enthusiastic about making these movies, why did her career fizzle so soon after Deep Throat? If that movie truly was a blockbuster then surely Linda was a factor in its success. Therefore, the producers should wanted to have cast her in more films, and Linda, being the anxious porn star some claimed her to be, should have agreed. Look at the resume of any other adult film actress and you'll find hundreds of films to their credit. Not Linda. Look at her IMDB bio and you will see many of the listings after Deep Throat are mainly films which feature pre-Deep Throat footage. There is one title, Linda Lovelace for President, but to my knowledge that was not a porn film but an attempt to bring Linda to the mainstream. It co-starred, of all people, Micky Dolenz of the Monkees! Funny, he doesn't mention the outing in his official bio. :-)

It saddens me Linda's life had to end like this. She had suffered numerous health problems over the years, and to die like this is very tragic. Her children are now deprived of their mother, but I suppose the one upside to this is that perhaps now Linda is in a place where nobody can ever hurt her again. Rest in peace.



Why are you sitting here reading this? It's Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's! Find one near you and get some, man!

The one by my work opened at noon; already there was a line. Malc and I both got Phish Food (mmmm) and made a donation to Samaritan House, the charity that particular store sponsors. I used to think Ben and Jerry started Free Cone Day to celebrate their anniversary, but turns out it's in conjunction with Earth Day. How about that.

Found this picture of The Rock posing with his wax likeness at Madame Tussaud's. Scary.


I can't believe they killed off the Lone Gunmen! I'll admit I'm not an X-Phile, but I always managed to catch the show when the Lone Gunmen were on...I even watched the spin-off until Fox canned it. Guess any chances of that show being revived are gone. Then again, this is The X-Files...I'm sure everything could be explained away somehow.


Yes, I like Funky Winkerbean. I read it for years as a kid and I picked up on it as an adult when I discovered I was able to find the strip online. I like it so much that I created a fan site (see previous link) to offer comic strip readers a trip down memory lane and the opportunity to share Funky memories. It's not to say I don't like the current storylines; I do. In fact, I find the strip is becoming more relevant to my own life as I mature with it. Lisa's fight with breast cancer paralleled my mother's own battle with the disease, and when the storyline about Lisa's uncertainty with her career appeared I was at a similar crossroads. Now Lisa is pregnant, right around the time I'm trying to start a family. Right now I'm waiting for Lisa to win Powerball.

Thankfully, Funky creator Tom Batiuk likes the site, too. He was very helpful in offering me some artwork to display. I hope he and others like the new layout - I'm experimenting with iFrames now. I need to learn new things to make myself more employable. Check it out and let me know what you think.


I've registered with all the big job search sites: HotJobs,, etc. The only feedback I've received so far are from other headhunter companies that want me to pay them to find job listings for me. If I had a means of making that kind of money to spend I wouldn't need to look for work, would I?


I hate looking for work; it has to be the most necessary evil in existence. I hate uncertainty as well. I can't hedge all of my bets on being able to stay with this company, and since there has been no word from the higher ups I have the entire weekend to sulk and polish my resume. In my mind, my severance pay is already spent, the excess furniture sold and dinner from now on is Taco Bell.

On the brighter side, I received my first Friday Five mail!

1. What's your favorite TV show and why? - M*A*S*H. There is nothing about this show I do not like...wonderful characters, wonderful dialogue. Twenty years later I can still watch shows over and again and laugh. This show is funnier than most sitcoms running today, it's ageless.

2. Who is your favorite television star? - This is difficult to answer, because I do not watch much television. I would have to say, though, that I do like David Letterman. I especially liked watching him when his show returned after 9/11. He didn't come across as phony to me at all.

3. What was your favorite TV show as a child? - I never missed Happy Days. I was madly in love with the Fonz for years.

4. What show do you think should have been cancelled by now? Do I have to name just one? There are a lot of bad shows on the air right now, but if I had to pick one I would say Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He makes my skin crawl.

5. What new show do you hope escapes the axe this season? Well, The Tick is already gone, so much for that. I couldn't get into many of the other new shows this season, but my husband likes Scrubs, so maybe I'll root for that.


Today the floor gave way. It will be weeks before I know for certain if the tiles will be laid back in place.

I work for an Internet company. I've had the same employer for exactly four years now, which is amazing considering the average shelf life of a dotcom is significantly shorter. I've survived two major layoffs and at least eight supervisors, and I was certain I would forever remain in the same cubicle, doing the same job, working with the same websites...

Today I'm not as confident I will be able to dodge the bullet. A major restructuring of our company is about to take place, and we will be integrated back into our parent company. Originally we worked independent of more. Now it is up to the parent company to decide whether or not we are needed.

The situation is not as dark as I perceive it, however. I am capable of finding work, and if the news is not good for me here I know I will be able to find work somewhere. A job is a job is a job, though I really enjoy the one I have now. This is the first professional job I have had, and I had hoped to eventually retire from this company (I would only leave if parental responsibilities required me to do so). Like everybody else around me, however, I must wait and worry and update my resume.

"Hold your head up (woman), hold your head high."



There was an afternoon game today, but since I had to work I did not go. I was unable to pick up the game on the radio due to too much interference at my workstation, and apparently the sports station that broadcasts Tides games is not live on the Net. I had to hear about our victory from my husband, who had the day off. 7-0 Tides, and Rob Stratton hit another home run (third in two days!). Remember that name, he'll be at Shea very soon.

This was a much-needed win. We almost had the Mudhens beat last night, but for a late game home run that scored three of their men. Not only that, but one of our better players, Jorge Toca was out due to injury. Things are looking up with this win, however.


We didn't win The Big Game, so I had to come to work today. I don't think I would have wanted to win $300+ million anyway, I'd be happy to win enough to get out of debt and start over. At the game last night we were talking about the lottery with the other people in our section, dreaming up lottery wish lists. My husband wanted to get a Harrier jet to cut his work commute...I'd be happy with a Rolls. I'd even show my Southern heritage with a number three sticker on the back window and some Yosemite Sam mudflaps.I can just see the faces of the people in our snooty neighborhood association.

Kidding. I don't know why, but I've always wanted a Porsche. I'll probably never get one because it isn't a practical car for us. My father-in-law does all of our oil changes, and foreign cars are especially a pain to negotiate. Plus, we're always hauling our bicycles wherever we go, and I don't think Porsche makes a bike rack. Where would you put it? If I did have the money, though, I'd put in a bid for Janis Joplin's car. I saw it at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, but they don't allow people to take pictures so I have to rely on the Internet to enjoy it. Sigh.


The book is still delayed, but I went ahead and set a page for Saints of the Jubilee anyway. Not sure what the delay is, but Tim (the editor) says it should be out in a month. The initial hope was, since the book is about people canonized during the Jubilee Year, that Saints would have been published in 2000. I suppose since we've waited this long another month can't hurt. It will give me time to get a good buzz going.

Saints is Tim's baby all the way, I just helped in the delivery room a bit. The idea was to create a project to which members of the Catholic Writers Association could contribute. At the time there were two books in progress, this one and an anthology on the Eucharist that is now officially dead. I've always been fascinated with the lives of the saints, so I answered Tim's call for contributors. From his list of available subjects, I selected Pedro Calungsod, a young Cebu native martyred in 1655, and the nuns of Novogrodek, members of a convent murdered by the Nazis in what is now Belarus.

Given the others who have contributed, Saints will prove to be a nice gift book to give to anyone interested in the lives of the saints. I can't wait to read it myself.

The Tides dropped the ball last night, literally. I only stayed through the fifth inning because I had gone to the game by myself, and because it had started to get cold. The entire time I was there the game was scoreless and the Tides put up a good defense. Maybe there's some correlation there, because the runs did not start until I got home and turned on the radio to hear the rest of the game.

Despite two of our better players, Timo Perez and Tony Tarasco, getting called up to the Mets, I thought we were doing well. Timo and Tony didn't do much against the Braves last night, though the Mets creamed them, but former Tide Joe McEwing appeared to have had a good game. We used to love watching him play here in Norfolk, and it would be nice to see him again. He belongs in the majors, though, and so does Timo. The call for Tony surprised us; not that we think Tony's a bad player. It's early in the season and his bat wasn't as good as some of the other Tides. Our catcher, Jason Phillips, has had a good hitting season so far. Problem is, New York has Piazza, and therefore they don't need another catcher. They already have another former Tide, Vance Wilson, on reserve.

There aren't any day games on today to hear on the radio, so I suppose I'll have to amuse myself some other way.

A friend of my mother's is starting a ministry of sorts. This friend's sister has breast cancer, and the idea is to collect gently-used scarves to distribute to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. I whole-heartedly support breast cancer charities; my grandmother was a victim, my mother a survivor. Therefore, it stands to reason that one day I may get it myself, and I'm for anything and anybody willing to aid patients and/or abolish the disease.

Got a scarf you no longer need/want/use? Is it in good condition? Mail me for information on how to donate.

Speaking of babies, my sister told me about this program called Upromise. You sign up to buy all sorts of garbage online, and every time you shop through a Upromise affiliate they retain a few measly pennies for every few hundred bucks you spend, or something to that effect. I signed up some time ago, and today I got my first quarterly statement. So far I've managed to save a whopping $2.58 towards my child's college education...and I'm not even pregnant! I am so glad my husband works in higher education. We'll get a significant discount, and Junior can use the $2.58 to buy a pencil since that's probably how much they will cost in twenty years.

My brother and his wife are having a baby, due sometime in September/October. This week we're all supposed to find out whether or not I'll have a niece or nephew by year's end. To be honest, I never imagined myself or any of my sibs reproducing. When I was younger I used to have trouble imagining myself at 30, yet here I am. Now that this landmark is about to pass me by, I have to raise the bar a tad. Excuse a moment...

Holy crap! I'm going to be 40 in less than nine years! How in the hell did that happen? I don't want to be 40...I don't have anything to show for being 30 except for a few autographed Lewis Grizzard books and some saving bonds I'm afraid to cash. *weeping*

Okay, I'm better now.

Anyway, I suppose I'll have at least eight good years with my niece or nephew before the midlife crisis truly takes hold. I'm looking forward to being the weird aunt, as opposed to my sister who will be the nice aunt. I want to be the aunt who roars up to the house on a Harley-Davidson and gives away drum sets for Christmas. I want to be the aunt who takes the kids to see Jimmy Buffett and teaches foreign languages so we can talk about other people without them knowing about it.

If you think I'm going to be bad with a niece or nephew, just wait until I have my own! Oh, the PTA is going to love me!

I think this is only the case because I don't have a beard, so that rules out being Gandalf. What frightens me, however, is that since I'm half Sicilian the beard could become a factor after menopause. It happened to my Nana. Better stock up on that Nads hair removal stuff while I still have a job.


Legolas Greenleaf

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Legolas, Elf, a son of the King of Mirkwood.

In the movie, I am played by Orlando Bloom.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

17.8 miles on the Colonial Parkway; it's a slight decrease from yesterday but in my defense this ride had more hills than the last one. Steep hills, too, with open joints in the concrete. I haven't even mentioned the sunburn on my face or that guy in the Toyota with Florida plates who ran a stop sign near Jamestown and nearly killed my husband.

I love Williamsburg; I miss living there because it is a bike-friendly town and it is especially nice this time of year. It's warm enough to walk through the historical district with a coat, and the major influx of tourists is not set to happen for another month. Plus, there is this little place called The Trellis where you can get this amazing desserts...

Twenty-four miles today on the personal best since I don't know when. I hope to break thirty by next week.

I don't normally read the Utne Reader. Actually, I don't get to read any magazines because I just don't have the time, what with the books I review and write. Anyway, I was at Chocollage last night and just happened to pick up the April issue...funny how I happened to turn to an article about obesity and dieting just as the girl set down the plate of white chocolate bread pudding in front of us. Anyway, you have to read this great article, 'Diet for a Small Pleasure", it's hilarious and probably true. I've been obsessed with my weight since college, and while now I'm a good fifteen pounds over the weight I should be for my height, I don't really look fat. I feel fat, but I've always felt that way. Thanks a lot, Cosmo!

I love the advice the author gives as it pertains to his diet plan; some of this stuff I've been doing for a while. I love item number two: accept your ass, because it will never look like a supermodel's.

You hear me, world! I accept my ass!

I also accept Christ as my Savior.

I also accept my mortality.

I also accept Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

I also accept credit cards. Actually, I accept credit card payments for my book at my e-book website. Soon I'll accept payments for the paperback version. My novel makes a great Mother's Day gift!

So this guy on a news blog I read has declared a Dukes of Hazzard weekend. What this means is that all participants must spend the entire weekend with their car windows rolled down, then enter and exit the car through said windows. A novel concept, though I'm not sure if I should try it with the car I drive. That, and I always tend to park in places where other cars end up rubbing against mine. I'd have to climb over another car to get into mine.

If I had something like Dale, Jr.'s car, now...

My friend Slim went to the Bartender's Ball last weekend. I'm going next year when I grow up!

Yeesh. Talk about synchronicity. I'm listening to RCN Radio and they're playing "Oh, Pretty Woman," the Van Halen version.

It's days like today I wish certain people were still alive. Roy Orbison comes to mind. It's been so long since I've heard one of his songs...several months ago our market lost its only FM oldies station. If there's another one in the Hampton Roads area, I can't find it. That seemed to be only station that would play Roy, and even then it was always "Oh, Pretty Woman". Not that I have anything against the song, I like it fine, but Roy did other songs, better songs. I'd love to hear "Crying," "Claudette," or "You Got It" on the radio again. I had a copy of one greatest hits album and Mystery Girl, but they mysteriously disappeared. I'm betting my dad has them.

I had that damn dream again where I lose teeth. This time, however, the dream took on more bizarre complications. Usually in such a dream I'll lose one or two teeth...they'll just fall out of my head and that's it. I go through the rest of my routine as if nothing happened. This time, though, it got weird. One back tooth fell out, and next thing I know I'm looking in a bathroom mirror and my entire lower bridge is slipping as if it were false. The kicker: I wake up, only I'm not really awake. I have dreamed that I was dreaming about losing my teeth!

I'm not into dream interpretation, but I had to check this site just to see if I was losing my mind or not. Turns out my dream can be interpreted thusly: I don't have children but want them, and my husband is reluctant to start a family. Somehow this is related to losing teeth.

It's true, though. I'm ready for kids, but my husband is not. He wants to wait until next year, and he's been saying that for the past five. To my knowledge he has never had this dream.

I'm in that lull period between books...I recently finished the first draft of a mystery novel. The protagonist is a middle-aged school teacher approaching retirement. The storyline was concocted by my father; after a tweak here and there I completed about 150 handwritten pages. All my first drafts are done by hand now, it's the only way I can get the words down. I try to compose directly from the keyboard, but I find I'm more adept at shorts pieces (and blogs) that way.

In addition to this, I'm also trying to work on the third draft of another mystery, this one featuring a younger female sleuth. Both stories are set in north Florida, one in Jacksonville, my hometown, and one in a fictional town near Jacksonville. So far three chapters of the latter book are ready to print, and I want to have at least five polished before I start the queries. I hate sending query letters...I'm going to spend an obscene amount of money on stamps only to have many of my letters returned to me. I must be some kind of masochist.

Cooked a great dinner tonight. Grit-style tofu and rice, just like the Grit Restaurant in Athens, Georgia serves. Man, I miss that place. I got the cookbook last time we were down there, and it's a must for any vegetarian (or meat-eater, or whatever).

To make my life a bit easier, I've shifted some of my book reviews to a blog now. Using the Blogger tool has made it easier to post them. Saves me the trouble to having to FTP everything and hope the files get through my clogged connection. One day I'll make enough money to afford a cable ISP. As it is now I don't even have cable TV. We got rid of it last year to cut expenses, only to find we really didn't miss it that much. I doubt I'll sign up for it again, though. Where I live we don't get the Game Show Network, and now I'm especially ticked since I heard they found all those lost episodes of the classic Hollywood Squares...

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Jamie Farr has a posse...

I could kick myself! Old Dominion University is hosting a their annual film festival and one of the titles was Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. This is one of my all-time favorite movies; every time a theater or film program brings it to the big screen I'm there. I could almost do "Rocky Horror" lines to this movie. They showed the film Monday night, when I wasn't doing anything. Gah!

It was an interesting mix of films this week: Tora, Tora, Tora, Life is Beautiful, and Duck Soup, my favorite Marx Brothers film. Laugh my ass off every time I see it, it never gets old.

In Norfolk there is a venue called The NorVA, which is connected to The Backstage Cafe. I've not yet been to either one, but at the entrance of the cafe there sit these two life-size models of Jake and Elwood. Actually, it's just Elwood now, somebody stole Jake and nobody seems to know who, why or exactly when. I noticed he was missing last time I walked past on my way to the mall. There's a reward out for Jake's return: free tix to any NorVA show, and Jethro Tull's coming to town!

RCN Radio is playing "Jealous Guy" by John Lennon for the second time today. To what do we owe this?

We have renewed our season-long commitment to the Norfolk Tides baseball team; we started out well, winning our first two games. Games 3 and 4, however, did not fare as well. Our boys kept leaving men on base and couldn't get a hit past Durham's center fielder, Damian Rolls is his name.

One thing our regular group likes to do is heckling the other team, creating innovative nicknames and personas for each opposing player. Truthfully, our attempts are more silly than innovative, but we've had few complaints from other Tides fans.

Something new going on at Harbor Park this year is a twist to the t-shirt giveaway. In the past, Tides mascot Rip Tide would send rolled-up t-shirts into the crowd via a two-man slingshot. Now he's using some kind of air gun, kind of like the one that killed Maude Flanders. Not only that, but in between some innings these guys are sealing up hot dogs in Styrofoam containers and shooting them into the crowd. My husband swears at the first game he saw Rip hit a concrete piling with one - bits of hot dog everywhere. I don't think God ever intended for pork products to be shot from a gun.

Visit Rip Tide at

Good morning, America, how are you? I said, 'Don't you know me, I'm your native son?'

Actually, I'm not. I'm just a girl offering to the world another online blog full of meaningless blather and opinion, competing with the 6 billion blogs clogging up cyberspace with treatises on why Britney Spears is just soveryhot.

More later. In the meantime, I wrote a book. Please buy it. People have told me it is good; some of these people are not even related to me.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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