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Warm Fuzzies

A very nice review of Saints Preserve Us at Round Table Reviews.

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Headline of the week: SEC Probes Twinkies Maker. I hope this doesn't mean there won't be anymore Twinkies. I 7 1/2 months pregnant; Twinkies are a food group now.

Fun things to do in your third trimester

Go to Borders or your favorite newsstand and ask the clerk for the latest issue of Soldier of Fortune.

When strangers come up and ask when the baby is due, look at them funny and say, "What baby?"

When entering a buffet restaurant, walk right up to the buffet and loudly advise the people gathered around that unless they want to be missing some fingers, they best stand back.


Catholic/Christian Book Review blog is finally updated, and a new ish of LivelyWriter Reviews is out. Finishing up editing work on Morgan J. Blake's Western, Redemption, which is going to be very good. More than suitable reading for anybody who likes Westerns and isn't into a lot of gratuitous sex (there is a bit of violence, but that comes with the territory, pardon the pun). It's the planned first of a trilogy, too.

Everybody's saying I grew overnight; I think I did. I did not really notice this morning; neither did Malc until he picked me up for lunch, and when he saw me his eyes bugged out of his head. Thanks, guy.

I feel lower to the ground and I'm moving slower. The weather is terrible and I still have two more months to go. Ugh.

And, happy early 51st birthday to Geddy. I was only four months along here:

Can you tell me how to to get to Christopher Street?

Don't ask me why news of the upcoming gay/lesbian TV channel has me thinking about children's toys. While roaming through Target the other day I noticed Strawberry Shortcake is making a comeback. I used to have some of those scenteed dolls when I was younger (I had SS, Lemon Meringue, and Orange Blossom)and I suppose she'll be around long enough for La Lively to want some, too -- the circle of merchan-, er, life is sustained. It got me to thinking about those old Strawberry Shortcake TV specials, which had a villain called the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak. I don't think they had that doll out.

So I'm standing in this store, memories flooding back to me, and I realized, man, the Pieman had to have been the gayest cartoon character of his time. More so than Gargamel, anyway. Where was Pat Robertson when this guy was infiltrating the airwaves? I guess I just made a connection between that and this new gay TV. Maybe they'll pick up the show in the morning. We'll have to watch something now that the Tour de France is over.

Just got back from a trip to Charlottesville, celebrating the big 1-0. Had to listen to Malc doing his impression of John Cusack's friend in Grosse Point Blank the whole weekend. Ten years! Ten freakin' years! That got old rather quickly.

Anyway, if you're celebrating your tenth, twentieth, or just like to go out, we heartily recommend The Oakmoor Inn B&B outside of Waynesboro. Nice folks, great digs. Peace and quiet, and it's near some great hiking, biking, and Virginia wineries. For dinner, it was Jarman Gap in Crozet. Crozet, BTW, is the inspirational setting for Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy mystery series - the protagonist is the town Postmaster. Town wasn't what I had pictured originally, and we did find a post office, which is nothing like I pictured, either. Too modern-looking. But it's a nice town and the food was excellent. And Charlottesville is always a nice place to see; better to go when UVA isn't in session.

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Single Catholic Woman

Your tongue twister for this morning
La Lively likes Lyle Lovett.
I gathered as much watching him on John McEnroe's show last night, from the way she constantly kicked. Never kicks during a Beatles or Rush tune. It's going to be a long eighteen years.
I also seem to have grown significantly overnight, according to witnesses. For the past six months, people were literally holding spyglasses to my stomach, and now I'm actually pregnant. I feel it, too. The back aches, the front aches, thankfully my ankles are not swelling yet. I'm still walking my allotted thirty minutes, but distance has changed over the weeks. I'm a moving kinda slow at the junction, if you know what I mean.

While watching the Jaguar ahead of us clog up the turn lane
MALCOLM: No, don't make a U-turn? Why are you going into McDonald's for?
KATHRYN: After making a car payment for that, it's probably all she can afford.

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Ad Limina Apostolorum
A Country Boy Writes...
Deus Volent

Just a few more notes, since I received an e-mail this morning: once you're accepted into the ring, the ring code must always be on your blog. If you remove it, you're removed from the ring. Also, the ring is not affiliated with Gerard's list of blogs. This is a separate deal, so please no more e-mail asking why you're not in the ring or on Patrick's aggregator if you're listed on Gerard's list.

New homepage design, to promote Pithed. New cover, too.

Where's that second wind?
I'm supposed to get a burst of energy in the second trimester. Did I miss it? I want to take a nap.
BTW, it's not a good idea to leave me with a wish list pricing gun at Target. People are going to wonder what the baby needs with a Weber Grillmaster 12000.

Save Ferris, er Funky

Some of you might know that I keep a Funky Winkerbean fan site on the Net; it needs to be updated, yet from time to time I get e-mail about the strip. Mind you, I no Funky expert, but I did receive a thumbs up from Tom Batiuk, which is cool.

Anyway, today's Funky mail comes from St. Louis:

Help, please!

The St. Louis Post Dispatch has reorganized the comics pages. This brings the loss of several comics strips to make room for new ones, My favorite comic strip, Funky Winkerbean, has been eliminated. I am mounting a campaign of support of the comic strip in hopes they will reverse this action. They have asked for comments. I am sending an e mail to protest this decision would ask that you do the same.

Please write to:

If you're in the area, or even if you're not, drop them a line. Funky is still a good strip. Not as offensive as others, anyway. If you've read it over the years as I have, you'll know Batiuk has matured the strip somewhat in a For Better or For Worse kind of way, tackling serious topics at times. Some people don't believe that sort of thing belongs in comic strips, but I like to think it's a sign that a strip isn't going stale, like others I know and have stopped reading.

Check your closets

So, exactly how many more lost Beatles recordings can we expect to discover in the next ten years?

Future US Women's Olympic soccer star, Rockette, it's all good

Lying in the recliner last night, enduring massive kicking, I decided if it was something I could actually see as well as feel. Malc gave me an odd look as I pulled up part of my shirt, but when he saw my abdomen jut forward with one of La Lively's kicks he was amazed.

"She's going to town," he said.

Yes, there's actually someone moving around in there, kicking away trying to get out. It was like watching Alien for a second; a bit scary, too. To think in a few months it will be over and there will be a small, living being dependent upon me. Yikes.

One thing ran through my mind the whole time: why anybody would willingly advocate termination is beyond me. All these actresses and activists marching en masse, raising their fists for choice, some of whom no doubt have experienced something like I did (am doing now). How could anyone look at such movement and says it's okay if you want to put a stop to it?

I feel his pain; a stack of books once landed on me, too

The overwhelming life of a book reviewer. Right now there's a stack of books and ARCs where the crib is supposed to be. I imagine I'll get a lot done reading La Lively to sleep, using her as a gauge. If she falls asleep during the first chapter, two stars.

Of course, there's always Children's Books Online. You could get lost in there.

Heyyyyyyyy, Macarena!

Malc actually suggested Condoleeza as a girl's name once. Condoleeza Therese Lively?

Another one down

On the Pulitzer list: Middlesex. Not a bad read by the same guy who gave us The Virgin Suicides, which I hated - not so much for content, but the way it was written, like a case study. Very dry and tedious, but Middlesex did a better job at keeping my attention, like a fascinating car wreck with squabbling relatives wandering around the twisted metal. Next up: Interpreter of Maladies, if I can find the copy given to me.

I hate editing. I've found so many continuity errors in Pithed today; Andy was fifty-two in one chapter and in his sixties later in the book, for example. The story doesn't span that many years.

JPII's book in the editing is mine. Cool.

The View Through the Windshield reviews The Man Who Saved My Soul, a book on my summer reading list. You'll have to scroll down for it.

I should receive such fan mail

If Malc were here he would use today's Get Fuzzy as proof of the importance of a strong vocabulary.

But I do get warm fuzzy mail about my books from time to time: "In Pithed, Kathryn Lively keeps us guessing as story events unfold in entertaining twists and turns told in prose sparkling with wit and unsentimental charm." - Bob Stanton, author of Views from a Window, Conversations with Gore Vidal and The Devil's Rood

Venerate that.

In answer to The Curt Jester on an old comment question, I haven't bought Feedback yet (yes, I'm too strapped to buy an EP, of all things), but I did find this interesting article on Ged's parents who, I had not realized before, survived the Holocaust. Very touching story.

But who will play Tim?

My sister has tix for the Chicago previews, I might just have to call in sick and haul La Lively out there to see it.

Welcome and G'Day!

Andrew Cusack, no relation to John or Joan or Clyde or Skippy
CowPi Journal (mmm, pi)
Credibility, something we could all use - or is that good credit?
Dust in the Light
Inter Alia from Down Under (our first Aussie blog?)
Little Fish, not directed by Tim Burton
Mass Reflections
Mystery Achievement

Back from whatever ailed Blogger...

...and the mothership. Saw Earth, Wind, and Fire last night at the amphitheatre. Great show. Didn't realize they had as many songs as they did - most I had erroneously attributed to The Commodores or another R&B/funk group with 50 members. They were paired with Chicago, but we didn't stay long after that; they seem to tour every year, so we'll catch them next time.

Rewrites to be done on the Blessed Miguel Pro radio script I did for Catholic World Mission. They want it longer (!) and asked to punch up the dialogue. Said it was stilted. Kind of an ego blow, considering the most common compliment I get about my books is the great dialogue. Who's the patron of screenwriting, St. Eszterhas? I need somebody's help.

This Ain't Shakespeare

This Ain't Shakespeare, a production of the Julia Street Players in Titusville, FL, is scheduled for late August. The show is a series of comedic sketches, some written by yours truly. Sales of the DVDs of the event will benefit The American Legion, and disc will be sent to the troops overseas.

Six minutes and counting published my review of the VB show. To get there, click on "Touring," then "Tour Reviews," then Virginia Beach. You'll have to scroll down a bit. I'm the third or fourth one down.

Caption Contest

Welcome to the Ring

It's the promise of life, the joy in your heart
Just One Friar
The Pope Blog, all Pope, all the time

Also went through the queue and deleted applicants from May and before who never put up their code. So if you applied in May or before that and never got a confirmation, it's because I didn't see the code on your blog. The ring code has to be there or else I can't add your name to these nifty little lists I publish.

Also, if you sign up for the blog ring with a site that's not a blog, forget it.

But do I get a 10% discount at area Waffle Houses by flashing my card?

I've just been invited to join the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, and have my named engraved on a certificate stating as much, suitable for framing. That's going to look great on my wall next to the Charlie Brown posterboard holding my 50 States Quarters.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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