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N-n-n-n-n-no, Sharona!

Ye gads, is Monk strapping on the water skis to jump the shark? Just heard Bitty is leaving Monk. It doesn't sound good, unless the show can pull off a successful switch a la Rebecca Howe for Diane Chambers. On the upside, though, there's a job opening here; they're looking for a weary woman in her 30s. That's me.

Two ways to get here

Now if you plug in, it will take you here. I've had that URL for a while, in addition to; it used to be home to FrancisIsidore E-Press, but I have decided to shut down that enterprise. eBooks do sell, just not in the niche market of Catholic fiction (print Catholic novels are just as bad, but that's another blog for another day). Fun while it lasted, we raised some money for the Order of the Alhambra, and we received three EPPIE nominations and a Dream Realm nomination in the two years we were active, which just goes to show we had some quality writers.

Ronda Chervin's Summer Knight's Tale will be republished through Booksurge later this year, and hopefully Lynden, Carolyn, Karina and Rob and Pete will find other publishers. Little Flowers, of course, will be reprinted in 2005, and Murder Most Trivial will remain available for free online since it is mine. Wish I could have done more with FIE, but with La Lively on her way it's going to eat into my personal writing time, to say nothing of the works of others.

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Glory, Glory

November is now the target date for the release of the coloring book I wrote on Blessed Miguel Pro for Catholic World Mission. I'm told a former Disney artist who did the animation for Robin Hood (one of my favorite Disney animated films, coincidentally) designed the cover. The corresponding radio show, which I also wrote, will debut in November on EWTN Kids radio!

It's a been a long time coming, but it's heartening to know La Lively will be here for the debut. But don't get me started on that little diva today. We videotaped my ultrasound this morning, and she decided she wasn't going to move. Kept her back to us the whole time. Didn't help that Malc had to comment that she's definitely my child.

Kill Gonzo, Vol. 1

I suppose Tarantino appearing in the new Muppet film would be cool, but if Beaker's not in it, I'm not paying full price.

Can't blog. Birthday. Mom called at seven and wondered why I wasn't up yet. I couldn't get up. Seriously. I could not move. Gravity is not my friend these days.

I'm not expecting a nice haul this year. Presents just don't seem to hold for me the excitement and anticipation of my youth. It's nice to get a book I'd like to read or a CD I've been wanting, and Malc's been prodding me to make a wishlist, but I really can't of anything I Must. Have. Now. Yeah, I still haven't bought Feedback or Neil Peart's new book, but they're secondary to, oh, getting a crib.

The other birthday St. Blogger got Triplets of Belleville, but I saw it in the theater already. My DVD tastes tend to run closer to TV series. M*A*S*H and The Simpsons, but I wouldn't mind the first season of Monk or the Trailer Park Boys collection, if I could find the time to watch them. Better to stock up on Veggie Tales or something along that line.

I blame the hormones

I admit it, I took The Scream. And I made a few alterations to it:

Tuesday Musings

Dude, Where's My Placenta?: the director's cut of Butterfly Effect, according to The Movie Spoiler, has Ashton Kutchner's character time-traveling all the way back to before he was even born so he can strangle himself in the womb, thereby preventing his birth and all the bad stuff that happened in the movie. Uh, gross. I'll take "Movies that probably won't be shown at the next HLI Film Festival" for $500, Alex.

Quitcher Bitching: Paul Hamm won the gold in the male all-around. It's over, it's done, get over it, move on with your lives. You had a window of opportunity to file a legitimate complaint and it lapsed, tough. If it had been anybody other than an American in that position, I have to wonder if there would be an investigation. I'm beginning to wonder if the Olympics are slowly becoming outdated; everything has to be questioned and analyzed now. Next thing you know people will want the US women's softball team to give their medals to the other teams to make them feel good. Hey, let's give everybody a gold medal just for showing up because we're all winners. Sure, Michael Phelps might be the fastest guy in the water, but we can't discount the feelings of the guy who swam six body lengths behind him. Mike, you got gold to spare. Share the wealth. Yeesh. Back in fourth grade I was upset because I didn't get a citizenship award at the end of the year. You know what my teacher said? "Maybe you didn't deserve one." And, in retrospect, I didn't. I was a terror. I didn't file a complaint to Sister Josephine. She probably would have told me to get over it, too.

Down to the Wire: No film on the first night of birthing class, which is a good thing because I suppose they don't want to scare us outright. There was one mother-to-be freaked out about a few things (the E word, especially), which is understandable. The thing that gets to me about this class and the whole situation is the slow realization that yes, there is a person growing inside me, and yes, she's going to want to come out soon. It's finally coming to me that in about eight weeks I'm going to have to give birth, and what's especially weird is that I've had trouble remembering a time when I was not pregnant. So much time has elapsed since January, and the months have disappeared. This has been my reality for too long, and I wonder how I will feel physically when it's all over. I'm too used to seeing myself in the mirror now, like that's the way I should look for all time. Maybe this is how post-partum depression starts; you start to miss the movement inside you because it's been a part of you for so long. And to think people actually advocate ending it through such barbaric means.

Because I Don't Have Enough to Do Already Dept.: The Write Stuff newsletter for Catholic writers is going to print in September. I had created some sample back issues for a job application packet, and I figured why not try a prototype issue for September? If response is good, I'll see about making it a regular thing. If you'd like a sample WS in print, e-mail or note it in the comment box and I'll get back to you with the address for PayPal or a SASE.

My back is feeling better now. Last week must have been an isolated incident. I hope this means the baby has turned and I shouldn't have to expect any more surprise pains until magic hour. On a related note, birthing class begins tonight. Good chance we won't be watching the the cool Thunderbirds-inspired mini-film that played after intermission at the Rush show, but after a straight week of the Olympics I'm ready for something new, even if it is a birthing video.

Glow, schmo

This needs to end now. My back is killing me. I about collapsed at Starbuck's, I was in so much pain. I suppose it serves me right for going to Starbuck's in the first place, but man!

It started as a sharp twinge at the small of my back, and now the pain is centered behind my left hip. Malc says it has to be that a nerve is pinched. I'm fine if I get up and walk around, and I have a back pillow, but I'm still uncomfortable.

And eight more weeks of this. Ugh.

Hey! Show 'em my motto!

What is with this search bar on top of my blog blocking my banner ad for my books? Get it off!

Hey, St. Blog's swag, courtesy of Southfarthing Soapbox. No thongs, though.

Staying gold.

S.E. Hinton is back, with a new book after 16 years. The Outsiders was one of my favorite books of all time, one of the few books I can remember reading over and over again. Same with the movie, I wore out the copy I had, and can't find it on DVD anywhere. Can't wait for this one.

In addition, Harry will learn Voldemort is his father, Hermione is his sister, and the famous Weasley hair is actually the product of a magical bottle job. And Billy Dee Williams will be giving the commencement address on graduation day.

There, I just saved you forty bucks. You're welcome.

The new gene pool

Now it's Zorak's turn. Seriously, we need to get a survey of pregnant St. Bloggers here. I know there's quite a few. Maybe get a pool going, see who gets closest to her due date without going over.

Rock and roll beer cans: People are complaining a black artist was excluded from this commemorative series. I say, you're complaining? For one thing, it's Miller beer, nothing over which to be sore (A-B put Malc through college). For two, maybe beer companies should reserve photo space on their cans for something more important, like missing husbands. Football season started, you know, I'm already missing mine.

Speaking of which, I got a good draw on my Fantasy team, the Vapor Trails. I got Hasselback and Priest Holmes and Vinny Testaverde, and Elam's kicking. Just need to find a better defense squad.

Chee-burger, chee-burger. No gin, Pepsi.

Asked by a radio interviewer once what her ultimate meal would be, Child said: "Red meat and a bottle of gin." Yeah, baby. My grandmother cooked everything in bacon fat and lived to be 102. God bless them both.

Barbie is running for president. One could argue this is a more attractive option than the two currently in the race (though I shudder to think she'd turn Air Force One into her Malibu Dream Plane), but I'd have to know Barbie's platform on abortion and gay marriages first before I decide to throw away my vote on a third-party candidate.

Anybody familiar with the Front Royal, VA area? Is cost of living high? Could one feasibly live in Maryland and commute to work there without having to deal with traffic? Good schools, bad schools, is there a good church there?

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Times Against Humanity

Potpourri for $500

Got a kick out of Oblique's visit to Wal-Mart during the school supply shopping season. I shudder to think what I'll have to buy in five years. When I was kindergarten I remember one required item was a cigar box in which to keep all the supplies. For some reason, when Dad let me have a Hav-A-Tampa box he had recently emptied, Mom wouldn't let me use it.

A message board I'm reading is all hot and bothered over Rick James's untimely (?) demise. Should we speak ill of the dead, should we eulogize him with fondness? I don't know what was going on in his final moments, but I suppose we can all hope he got things straightened out before time ran out.

If you give a snake a heating pad...

...he'll eat it. I'll lay odds Ozzy's bats never gave him this much trouble.

Paulie re-records his Live Aid vocals for upcoming DVD, to be released Christmas. I might actually consider getting this one; surprised they didn't wait a year to commemorate the 20th anniversary. It would be nice to see some of the performances without Martha Quinn getting in the way and yammering on about she wished the people at home could see everything. We would have been able to if she had just gotten the hell off camera, and if MTV had not loaded the day's airing with commercials.

I can still remember all of this after 20 years. Judges of the Supreme Court? I can name five. Hamlet's soliloquy? Forget it.

It was a dark and busty night..

Looks like I've been going about this publishing thing backwards. Apparently, in order to seal the big time contract, I was supposed to grow really big boobs, be on TV, have my honeymoon video uploaded on the Internet, marry and divorce a tattoed drummer, and date Kid Rock first.

All those years of college and reading Hemingway, wasted.

Maybe they could acquire Randy Johnson

Vatican sets up sports department.

All the news that's fit to pith

Now, when you join the brand spanking new official Mundania Press readers mailing list, you'll get all the latest news on Pithed, like when it's coming out, how to order it, what the critics are saying, where Kathryn is signing it, why should you buy it, what will happen to you and your loved ones if you don't, how your selfish inability to buy this book will prevent Kathryn and Malcolm from starting a college fund for La Lively...all the good stuff you might not normally read here.

Yeah, and they'll have information on their other authors, like Piers Anthony, whoever he is.

Paging Jay Leno

130,000 condoms to be made available at Olympic Village. Okay, 130K should take care of the US basketball team, but what about everybody else? On a more serious note, when are they going to find the time, and won't their significant others at home be kind of peeved?

And spring gave summer a miss and went straight to hurricane season

So I got me a box of books, made some of Dr. B's chili, and bought some marshmallows for the cocoa. Nothing to do but wait out Hurricane Alex. And stay dry. And read all the Hurricane Alex jokes on the Rush message board.

Now, of course, would be the time for that second wind to kick in. I was up 'til one this morning baking and cooking. It might have had something to do with this iron supplement I started taking on the advise of my physician, as my regular iron deficiency has become more apparent in recent months. I eat lots of turkey and spinach, so I don't know why I keep having this problem. It used to crop up once in a while when I tried to give blood. Maybe I should cut down on something else?

Come chat with me

I am the scheduled mystery author for chat at Mystery Reads tonight at 9PM EST. This is my first publicity chat, and I'm looking forward to it, so if you're into chat and truly want to know how this mind works, come on down.

Even if you don't want to know how this mind works, come on down anyway. I type pretty fast, so the chat should go well.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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