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Amazonian News

Pithed is available via Adobe download at The paperback link is also up, though it says out of stock. Should be remedied soon, however.

Pithed is here!

Pithed is now available for sale through Mundania Press! The best ten dollars you'll ever spend - you're not only getting a nice story of the back-stabbing world of the public school system, you'll be putting Genny T. through braces and college (braces especially if she takes after Malc). Other sale outlets forthcoming.

Better yet, go to your bookstore and order it special, that way my book gets into their systems like a virus and may end up on their regular order list. Whatever keeps an extra copy of The Da Vinci Code out, eh?

As a bonus, here's a nice review from the Murder and Mayhem Book Club.

The Home Stretch

As in stretch marks.

Just a few last minute things to take care of, and we should be fine. We need diapers, and something in which to put the soiled ones. Nursing pads, baby detergent, we're fine on everything else. So we want to believe.

A bag is packed, just finished programming my MP3 player with the music I'm taking to drown out my screams of labor agony. I'll update this post with the final list.

Not Pithed

An intriguing and sympathetic main character is central to any good
mystery. From Chandler's Philip Marlowe to Paretksy's V.I. Warshawski, it's the detective who makes the reader long to see the criminal caught and justice done. Ms. Lively has introduced a delightful new character to the genre. I liked Andy's sardonic view of the life, a world-weary cynicism tempered by loyalty, love and faith. There are times in the story when Andy is tired and discouraged, but he never gives up or sinks into bitterness.

There's a lot to like about PITHED. I like Andy's voice, a balance of
pedantic and informal that's perfect for a high school biology teacher.
Ms. Lively's descriptions of the school itself and the rest of its faculty are equally excellent. Including religion in a story can be tricky, but Ms. Lively weaves expressions of Andy's faith seamlessly throughout the story, lending a richness and depth rare in genre fiction.
- from the Scribes World review of Pithed

The inconsistencies mentioned further down in the review have hopefully been cleared up in the final edit. I sent SW an early draft in anticipation of the August release, but in retrospect I'm glad we're waiting because now I can say we produced a good product.

Book News

Looks like it's going to be a bountiful Autumn for the CWO. Pithed is very close to publication, I promise you. In addition:

Tim Drake's Young and Catholic: The Face of Tomorrow's Church, is available for pre-order from Sophia Institute Press. Pete Vere reviewed it for The Wanderer.

Pete also has a book coming out with Patrick Madrid called More Catholic Than the Pope: An Inside Look at Extreme Traditionalism.

Idylls Press is taking pre-orders for Debra Murphy's Catholic mystery The Mystery of Things.

The St. Linus Review of Catholic fiction and poetry launches today. Have you subscribed yet? I know, I need to, too. The winners of their first contest were announced, look in the next Write Stuff for the press release.

Meanwhile, change of plans for NaNoWriMo. I'm going to do Collared, the sequel to Pithed, after all. The other book I'm going to start early, and I anticipate that one will be longer.

Professor Wiggles

Malc and I long ago decided we are going to be the kind of parents who don't get caught up in juvenile fads and such, particularly where television is concerned. To be honest, I don't have much affinity for shows geared toward children; it's a vast, scary world. The Teletubbies disturb me, Barney nauseates, and every time I see Elmo I want to put my hands through the screen and strangle his third-person talking, Muppet ass. It's sad, too, because I was raised on Sesame Street, but I just can't watch it today. I miss the old school days of Prairie Dawn, Roosevelt Franklin, Herry, and Super Grover. Are these characters even on the show anymore, or have they been stuffed in a cardboard box, left to rot in Brian Henson's garage? Elmo, blech.

I'll concede to Dora the Explorer, to an extent, anyway. There's only so much I can take of The Backpack Song. Our friends' have a three-year-old who sings it constantly; it has the same repetitive quality of "I'm Henry the Eighth, I Am," with fewer lyrics. And Blue's Clues, though I always preferred Steve to Joe. Steve was hot.

But nothing creeps me out more than The Wiggles, a group of terminally happy grown men hanging out with what looks like discarded mascots from 70s McDonaldland (there was a pirate mascot in the 70s, just before Mayor McCheese was impeached). Just the name "Wiggles" inspires chills, has nobody else found that name odd? I just don't know if I can allow my child to watch that, because that would mean I would have to watch it. I was telling to this to a friend, who thought my attitude odd, considering this:

This Wiggle

looks a lot like this guy:

right down to the hat. This must explain why The Wiggles won't do "The Camera Eye" in concert, either.

Man, I would kill for the original Electric Company on DVD.

Bucky hates beavers: why I get weird looks from people who pass my cubicle at work, because I'm laughing so hard. "Don't go into labor," they caution.

Welcome to the Ring

Catholic White Boy
Chastity Revisisted
Contemplating the Laundry
Illuminated Obscurity
Quo Vadis?
sotto sotto

Will try to get one more sweep of the queue before Genny T. gets here. That's what I'm going to call her for now. We're waffling between Genny and Eva. If she turns out to be a diva, Evita.

Malc's school recently began a weekly Mass for the Catholic students; a retired priest comes down for the celebration, so we've decided to support it and hopefully drum up some interest. There isn't yet a Catholic students association at the school, because there is no organization. With the school being aligned with the Methodist Church, they are naturally more prominent, but there are a fair number of Catholic students, and the nearest Catholic Church from campus is a drive. Malc's offered to be the faculty advisor, so we'll see what happens.

If you have the time today, send up a prayer for the editor. We found so many discrepancies in Pithed, and I'm so happy we were able to clear them before the book goes into print. I would have looked like a jackass for all the names I screwed up throughout the book. Here's a tip, if you write a book keep it to three characters or less. Much easier on the brain. Once this is done, I can concentrate on the sequel, Collared. The outline is done, just have to write it.

It won't, however, be my NaNo project. Yes, I'm doing a third year, with Geneva in tow. I figure I'll be up anyway; I can teach her to type early on so I'll have a little helper. No, the NaNo will be a romance novel based upon an idea given to me through a message board community I frequent. I just need to iron out some particulars before November.

Down to One: Goodbye, Johnny. So who's left, Marky? This sucks. Meanwhile all Backstreet Boys roam unfettered.

Life in these United States

As I assembled the stroller: "We don't strap our astronauts into the Space Shuttle with this much precision." - Malc

J. Geils????? Yes, I think we've pretty much accepted that the only way Rush is getting into the HoF is if everybody at Rolling Stone is stricken with the plague and falls dead on their signed copies of Oops...I Did It Again, but J. Geils? Uh, how about Yes? Boston (are they eligible)? Man, I can't wait for the 2010 induction ceremony with Wham! and Wang Chung.

Geneva it is

We both like the name, and I'm the one who has to deliver, so why shouldn't I have a say? Geneva it is. (Watch this space for changes.)

Down to the wire: I'm already at 3CM, with about three weeks to go. The one couple due a week before in birthing class had their baby on the 10th. I'm not liking these omens. You don't get prorated on the class if you give birth early. So now I'm paranoid. The bag is packed; I have to get diapers and others things. It's like she's threatening to beat the publication of my next book.

Book News

Got the galleys for Pithed. Gonna bust my ass to get them looked at and sent back so the book will be published before the end of the month.

FIE alum Pete Vere has a new site for his book, Suprised by Canon Law.

Today I learned the true meaning of panic, after exhibiting some pre-labor symptoms and being put on hold while calling the emergency line of my doctor's office. Fortunately, everything is fine, and if something were to happen I'm at least at the point now where the baby is considered full-term. Still, I was so freaked out this morning. I spent the entire day trying to be still and willing the baby to move so I'd know she was okay.

We still don't have a name. It looked like we were going with Geneva, but Malc is rethinking it. At least we have a car seat in which to take our nameless baby home.

Heh, Mary

From Studio Arena and the Nunsense gang comes the new musical Hail Mary: "a brand new comedy about a plucky young novice who puts her future as a nun in jeopardy when she teaches her personal unorthodox views of God and religion. Add to the mix a traditional Mother Superior and a childhood sweetheart and you’ve got the makings for another rib-tickling Dudzick hit!"

Well, consider my ribs tickled. Ever notice when nuns are portrayed in TV, movies and such they are either plucky young novices or crotchety old battleaxes? There's no in-between with nun portrayals. Maybe I should give up the novel-writing gig and try a musical about crotchety novices and plucky Mother Superiors who fight crime like the Powerpuffs Girls, and fly!


45: Number of times I have heard the quip "Of course Mike Moore isn't going for Best Documentary. His movie is fiction!"

30, or thereabouts: days left until La Lively's big debut

1982: the year Mats Wilander won the US Open, at least that's I what I heard during the rain delay

25: number of minutes it took to assemble the bassinet

0: hours of sleep I expect to get in the next three months

I walk the line

A recent pic of Malc. Over the last year he has lost so much weight that he is nearly back down to what he weighed when we first met. He and I seem to be on opposite scales (no pun) when it comes to weight - he's up when I'm losing, and vice versa. Now, though, my weight issues are all pregnancy related, so it appears I have a lot of work to do to get down to my ideal fighting weight.

Only part of his weight loss is attributed to actual diet and exercise. The rest of it dropped so quickly because of illness, but hopefully that is going to end soon. I never realized how difficult it is to find a diagnosis for "I just don't feel good."

2004/09/04 is the of eBooks, and finally they have made Saints Preserve Us available for sale. You can buy it for 15% off regular price in Adobe and MS Reader formats.

I imagine Pithed will eventually be listed there as well, soon as it's ready to go.

In keeping with the times, the stroller/car seat combination we're getting as a gift is much nicer than the car in which it will be stored.

I've begun a new love affair with the thrift shop. Got a big sack of clothes for four bucks at the Salvation Army. Nice stuff, too. Carter's and Osh Kosh and Old Navy. I figure there's no point in buying new. I don't plan to enter La Lively into any pageants, and if she wants to do that later in life she can do what I did - get a job and pay her own expenses. This is all dependent, of course, on whether or not her pro tennis career takes off.

New Book

Murder Plus Five by Karen Ross is a new release from Whiskey Creek, a book I edited. It's a nice, quick murder mystery, told from various points of view. No graphic situations or language, a story that breaks down gradually and builds with suspense. Check it out.

Welcome to the Ring

Eddy's Vocation Journey
North Western Winds
Nosce Te Ipsvm
Of the Cross

And to address one point, as sent by an applicant: I usually check new blogs once a week before adding to the ring.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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