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Books-A-Million and Barnes and Noble list Pithed online, as does Borders. I'm going to order it from the Borders online system to see if it works. I've received word from friends who are having trouble buying it. The book should be available to order from any physical store.

Sparing most detail

I went to work on the 22nd with the intent to call my doctor's office to let them know I didn't want to be induced, that I wanted to wait to see if it would happen on its own. They got to me first and strongly recommended I change my mind. Apparently there are guidelines to which they must adhere, that they cannot let a pregnancy go beyond 42 weeks, and that deadline was the 23rd. Malc and his parents had gone out to breakfast, so I had to leave a message on the machine. Called my mother's work and left another message, then went to the hospital. My in-laws were actually leaving that day, thinking it would be a while. Luckily Mom got to them before they left, and before Malc went on his bike ride (he's usually gone for hours).

Hospital, check-in, nice private room. They broke my water at 10:30, started a small dose of pitosin at 1. Thankfully I didn't need much before active labor hit. Around 4 the contractions became too much and I opted for the epi. After about 45 minutes of pushing, out came Genny with the cord around her neck. If it hadn't been there I might have had her out sooner. The only true pain I felt in this time was a pinched nerve on my right hip, which hurt like hell in the position I was in (on my back, I wouldn't recommend this). The epi did nothing for it.

We had been warned that if we had waited chances were high the placenta would become useless, risking stillbirth. When Genny was born the doctor told us there wasn't much vernix on her skin, which indicated this was going to happen soon, so in the end I think we did the right thing by inducing, though I had really hoped we wouldn't have to do so.

But she is okay now, except her feed is off. Hopefully the pediatrician will help us with this.

Here's Genny!

Geneva Therese, born 10/22/04 at 6:32PM

Don't worry, she cleaned up well.

With Mom.

With Dad.

Light blogging for a while, needless to say.

What hasn't worked

Long walks
Warm bath
Doing laundry
Red Sox winning

We have decided not to induce labor. Malc doesn't like the idea of me being pumped with pitosin. He thinks inducing labor would turn this from an experience to a medical procedure, and all along he's been convinced the doctors were off on the due date to begin with. I'm not crazy about the idea, either. I would rather let nature takes its course. Let's see how long before I change my mind.

Warm Fuzzies

Received word from Ken at Catholic World Mission that a Blessed Miguel Pro biographer gave the thumbs up to my children's book and radio drama version of the priest's life story. He didn't mention any names, but I can think of only one person who qualifies, whose book I have read, and whose book is probably the definitive bio of Blessed Pro.

The book should be ready next month. The radio show is supposed to air on WEWN. Will post dates as I get them.

Reasons why she's late

She's waiting to see if the Red Sox pull through.

She's protesting NASCAR's swacking Dale, Jr. 25 points for the saying the F-word on TV, and won't come out until the points are reinstated.

Perhaps enough people will have sympathy on her poor mother and buy nicer gifts.

It's cold out there!

She won't come out until Pithed makes the NYT bestsellers list.

She really, really wants that pony.

New on the Catholic publishing scene

REQUIEM PRESS is a new Catholic book publishing company specializing in books on prayer, and Catholic and biblical history.

HERIDITAS MAGAZINE is a new Catholic literary magazine publishing original short fiction, poetry, drama, prose poems, translations, critical analysis, and book reviews for an all-Catholic audience. I imagine they'd take a review of Pithed if written from a Catholic perspective, hint hint.

Rock Lobster! Down, Down...

Didn't work. Maybe the mashed potatoes I had with dinner neutralized the pitosin?

I dreamed last night that I was praying for the good Lord to give me a sign that this was drawing to a close, and I turned on the radio to hear the song "It Don't Come Easy." Then some snickering, and a Voice. Hey, you like that Ringo guy, don't you?"

Maybe she's waiting for the feast of St. Teresa of Avila. Isn't that tomorrow?

Why Can't We Be Friends, Why Can't We...

We can be friends with Ingram again, the paperback of Pithed is now available instead of out of stock. So you can buy it there. Now. Today.

I've also installed these nifty boxes to the right. I hope they show up for fast one-click convenient ordering of my book. Now. Today.

Day 3 of BabyWatch: nothing.

Lost track of how many minutes and counting

No baby yet, but I got the latest Mystery Scene Magazine with Faye and Jonathan Kellerman on the cover. My essay on Pithed, called "Killing Your Boss for Fun and Profit," is on page 41! The mag is sold at B&N and Borders, I know, so check it out. Then take the mag with page 41 folded back and show it to the clerk and tell them you want to order the book.

The Lively Plan

So Malc has it all figured out. We're going to divide parental responsibility in five-year increments:

BIRTH-FIVE YEARS - KAT: Diapering, colic, potty training, runny noses, midnight feedings

SIX-TEN - MALC: Driving to and picking up from school, T-ball and Girl Scouts, playing with toys

ELEVEN-FIFTEEN - KAT: Birds and bees talk, buying the first bra, dealing with her wanting to get pierced ears, racy clothes, makeup, profanity-laden CDs, etc. Weathering the "I hate you!" phase.

SIXTEEN-TWENTY - MALC: Lecture about the responsibility of driving the car, chasing away potential suitors with shotgun, perfecting the "Go ask your mother" response, dropping her off at college, writing checks.

TWENTY-ONE-TWENTY-FIVE - KAT: Explaining why her latest ex is a rat bastard and why she can do so much better, calling every weekend to find out why she's not calling, writing checks.

TWENTY-SIX-THIRTY - MALC: Helping her move her stuff back in after she's decided she wants to go to graduate school and save money on room and board, chasing away potential suitors with shotgun, writing checks.

Thirty onward will be a draw.

Never laughed so hard in my life.

Maybe I should try this

Bid to be a murder victim in some guy's novel. Maybe with Collared I could write in a character based upon a winning bidder as well. I'll make you as thin or give you as much wavy, thick hair as you want. Hell, I'll hook you up with Pamela Anderson or Brad Pitt or whoever, just make sure the check doesn't bounce.

Welcome to the Ring
Crusader of Justice
My Domestic Church
My Spiritual Diary
Our Homeschool
Tremendous Trifles
Una Donna Mobile
Why Fret?

Habbakkuk 2 Vs. 2 Thru 4 is loading too slowly for me to check. If anybody spots the code in the template, let me know and I'll add it, too.

Also did some major housecleaing of the queue. If a blog was there for more than a month without the code, it's deleted. If a site registered that wasn't a blog, it's deleted. I've only made one exception, the St. Blog's Parish Hall board, but I won't be doing any more. Code has to be in the template, and it has to be on a blog.

This will probably be the last update before birth, I keep saying that, but this time it could be true.

Here's Your Sign

Quick, I need a snappy comeback to "You haven't had that baby yet?"

Warm fuzzies

Round Table Reviews has a nice review of Pithed for your reading pleasure. For more pleasure, buy the book.


Rass-fracking Ingram

This would have to happen right when I have a book out, and right when I'm counting days to giving birth, so I'm not necessarily in a position to do anything about it.

There are issues with regards to Ingram (mondo book distributor) and Lightning Source (printer of Pithed and other Mundania Press titles). Ingram is revising their policy on carrying POD titles, apparently in an attempt not to clog their warehouses with millions of copies of Joe Schmo's My Unedited, Vanity Press 400-Page Piece of Crap. What this means is that if you go to or any other online store to buy Pithed in paperback, you'll see it's out of stock. Grr. The eBook, however, can be bought immediately, and that's a nice option especially if you have a handheld device or have trouble seeing, since you can manipulate the size of the page in Adobe Reader.

What does this mean for me? It means I am going to recommend to you to either order Pithed directly from Mundania, or call your local bookstore and order from them. When I get my books I'll be making the rounds of stores, baby in tow (great marketing tool), with copies to give the managers. I have postcards on the way to send to indie stores, too. Maybe they'll be more receptive.

This really stinks, because it further puts a stigma on print on demand books. Not every POD title is a Joe Schmo masterpiece; I have read a number of IUniverse titles that are well-written, more so than what Big-Ass NYC Publisher is putting out these days. I'm not saying Pithed is any better or worse, but a small press liked it enough to publish it, and people should have the opportunity to order it. Mundania Press is not a slouch operation, either. They are contracted to publish Piers Anthony's backlist and recently acquired the backlist of sci-fi author Robert Adams. I'm not big on sci-fi, but I understand these names are rather big.

So call your local brick and mortar. Now.

Oh! What mysteries will be revealed to us later... How often have I thought that I perhaps owe all the graces showered upon me to the earnest prayer of a little soul whom I shall know only in Heaven. It is God's will that in this world by means of prayer Heavenly treasures should be imparted by souls one to another, so that when they reach the Fatherland they may love one another with a love born of gratitude, with an affection far, far exceeding the most ideal family affection upon earth.

There, we shall meet with no indifferent looks, because all the Saints will be indebted to each other.
- St. Therese

Were it not for St. Therese, I don't think Little Flowers would have been written, or published. If you've read it, you'll know she was a major character in the story, of sorts. I only wish I had better opportunity the first time around to successfully market that book. Perhaps with next year's reprint I'll be able to do Little Flower justice.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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