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Malc on...

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper: "I refuse to drink anything that would take me twenty minutes to order in a restaurant."

Fossil Fuel, the new Ben and Jerry flavor with little fudge dinosaurs: "So what are the creationists eating?"

The Wiggles, to whom Genny has taken a liking: "No way in hell am I watching that."

In case you're keeping track...

SpongeBob is not gay. Neither are the Teletubbies, the Smurfs, or the Snorks. Jury's still out on Gargamel, though. Single guy, wears a dress, owns a cat. Hmmmm...

Worst. Novel. Ever?

At least I've never written anything this bad, unintentionally.

A group from the SFWA decided to own PublishAmerica, a POD "traditional publisher" that claims high standards, but is rumored to accept anything and everything. Atlanta Nights is the story of how this group wrote a POS for the POD to prove the rumors right. What do you know, it worked!

One side note by me: not everything pubbed by PA is crap. Former CWA member Michael Manno put out an excellent mystery called The Deadly Habit, but unfortunately it is not in print anymore because Michael sought to void his contract with PA because he wasn't satisfied with them. He's one of the lucky ones, but on the other side of the coin I don't believe he's been able to find another publisher for the book, which is a shame because it's very good.

Ring Around the Parish

The Catholic Curmudgeon (who holds the current record for longest description on the Ringsurf St. Blog's directory)
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Wretched Ones

I've deleted a number of queued blogs that didn't have the code after a month. No code, no inclusion.

A link to Rush concert reviews. Mine is the fifth one down. We've been trying to link this elsewhere to no avail. Maybe it'll work here.


Probably for the first time in many years, I have not seen any of the five nominated films for Best Picture. Used to be I'd see each one before the ceremony, but I've been waning. Last year I think I had only seen RotK, which was just as well since it won everything. Are there no LotR sequels eligible this year? No? Rats.

Was surprised to see Farenheit 911 was absent, though it got some Razzie noms. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen any of those films, either.

And don't be discouraged that The Passion got so few nods. I heard Mel wasn't planning to campaign it, and noms tend to go to people who do. Anyway, I've come to believe that the Oscars are really just a ploy to award people this year who should have won in the past. So look for Scorcese, Annette Bening, and Morgan Freeman to receive "life achievement" gold.

But you know I'm still going to watch it.

Your W00T Moment of the Day

I think that's the highest ranking I've received on yet. Thanks, everybody!

Remember, Pithed makes a great Valentine's Day gift for you loved one.

And, coming soon, the proposed new cover for Pray For Us Sinners:

I took the picture of the Mary statue and did the color tinting. The original cover I had disappeared in transit to the new laptop, but I agree with Chrissie Poe that this cover is much sleeker. Can't wait to see it in print this summer.

Twelve seconds and counting

Pithed reviewed on!

Girls Scouts: Beloved Civic Organization or Hotbed of Evil?

Is it mere coincidence that Lent and Girl Scout cookie season always seems to coincide?

People are suggesting it might be time for Genny to try cereal now, though she's only 13 weeks. She's holding her head up a bit, not quite in complete control of it, but it seems she is hungrier in the nighttime. I've had to feed her more often in the past two weeks; it's a hell of a growth spurt. I don't know if I can keep up with the demand.

In the meantime, I have a review for Single For Now magazine to do, and an article for Mystery Readers Journal I want to submit for the Spring ish. Ah, multitasking.

Finally got our Christmas pictures back. The first Santa picture, taken mere nanoseconds before she started howling.

Mama's got a brand new gig

Single For Now Magazine has recruited me to be their Book Lady person. A recommended read each month.

I used to carry such a tiny little purse, when I bothered to carry one at all...this morning I lugged three bags to the car, and the car seat. You'd have thought I was leaving my husband. I was going to work.

She made it through the first round of shots better than I did. Nothing tears your heart out more than watching your baby get stuck with a needle. :-( Good news is that she didn't get a fever or need any medicine to get through the rest of the day. Her mother, on the other hand...

And to cap off this week of headaches, I learned today I didn't get a job I really wanted. Assistant director of communications - a job of writing, editing, and Web development. I was perfect for it, exceeded the qualifications and experience, and I didn't even get an interview. I think that's what hurt the most. If I don't get a job, I don't get a job, but at least give me the chance to interview before you decide to go with somebody else. Makes me wonder if they already had somebody in mind and had to post the position for legal reasons, which I think is stupid. It's like waving a sign for free beer at a football game and turning away the first person in line. I like the job I have now, am grateful to have a job, but this isn't what I want to do forever.

Only good things about today, the baby is sleeping peacefully and Rush in Rio is on VH1 Classic (Bytor!). Ooh, an ad for I Love the 90s Part Deux. That should tide me over until the next Real Gilligan's Island.


CAPP 2 Moms
Catholic Homeschooler
Southern Appeal
Splendor Veritatis

Somebody snitched on me to Ringsurf. Thought the ring had been abandoned. Not abandoned, just placed at a lower priority. You'll understand when you have a baby.

I wonder if the person who snitched signed up for the ring but never put the code up. I deleted a third of the queue because two months had passed with no code. No code, no inclusion. I can't add you if you don't have the code up.

Welcome to the Ring

Barbarians at Bay
The K Report
Making Sense of Thickeness
The Troglodyte

More to come. Still slogging through submissions.

Warm Fuzzies

Pithed is the Book Club pick for January! Lisa of CM also wrote this great review of Pithed for Catholic Online.

Does this mean there's going to be a job opening at the Miami Herald? Dare I dream? Should I bother submitting a resume?

Nah. If anything, Tim Bete is definitely more prepared to take over Dave's flushable throne. He's changed more diapers.

Pickin', Grinnin', Bloggin', Sloggin'

Where was this when I was making my Christmas wish list?

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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