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Geneva's taken to the spoon quite well, I'm surprised that I haven't yet had to clean rice cereal off the walls. It's almost too perfect the way the cereal stays in her mouth. I'm wondering when the other bootie will fall...and maybe manifest itself into some unpleasant diaper surprise.

Anyway, reading Tim Bete's new book is rather timely for me. I think now, that I have plucked two binkies and a package of crackers from my coat pocket while looking for change, I can relate to being a parent now. It's finally sinking in, but now that we are gradually spoon-feeding it's made me realize that time is passing. Soon she'll be crawling...away from me.

And while I've been feeding Geneva I've been looking over some of these blogs for Terri Schiavo and I find myself thinking about food. When Geneva is hungry she lets me know it, she cries and cries, and she can sense when it's coming, too. To hear her cry breaks my heart, and at this time I'm not producing as much milk as I did when she was born. It saddens me that there will come a time where I can't nurse anymore, that I won't be able to provide Geneva in that respect.

And I wonder how anybody could stand to pull a feeding tube from this woman and let her go in such a terrible way. Starvation is not pleasant. I can't stand to hear Geneva cry for two seconds when she's hungry, how could anyone stand to deny Terri?

Despite having not seen any of the nominated films, we watched the awards anyway. Best parts: Jamie Foxx's speech and Clint introducing his mum. Gotta love a guy who will bring his 96-year-old mother to the Oscars. But, Clint, couldn't you have sprung a front-row seat for her? :-)

Interesting, too, that the Academy included Rodney Dangerfield in the annual death march but for years denied his application to join the Academy.

And what was the deal with having some of the winners give their speeches in the audience, like they weren't good enough to step up on stage? It's like Jeremy Irons was on his way to the men's room and asked to give out an award on the way out. Yeesh.

Salma Hayek's on stage talking forever. Malc asks, "Is she hosting now? What happened to Chris Rock? Did we run out of Lord of the Rings films? Who are these people? Is it over?"

Yes, it's over. Marty got the shaft again. Go to bed.

Jack Osbourne gets hit in the family jewels. Not that I care, I was just looking for an excuse to use that headline. Who carries that much stuff around in a briefcase, anyway? Why not just paint a target on your American Tourister?

The pope's operation went well, I hear. I hope his recovery is quick.

And another update on the Blessed Miguel Pro children's book: I'm told the illustrator is working on it. I don't know if this is a new illustrator or the one who was hospitalized a while back, causing the initial production delay. I'm told, also, that a tentative April date is scheduled for the Blessed Miguel radio program I co-scripted (I think WEWN is broadcasting these), so I'm guessing the book comes out at the same time since it's been that way for their other books. I hope it comes out before Genny's too old to think coloring books are lame. :-)


Books Galore
One Bread, One Body
Out of My Mind
Running From the Thought Police
The Wednesday Eudemon - despite the NASCAR comments; I have a skull full of teeth, thankyouverrahmuch!

Check out my review of The Luminous Mysteries in the latest ish of This Rock Magazine! And, A Summer Knight's Tale by Ronda Chervin is now in print. I designed her new cover.

Blogs for Terri

A letter from Beth Cleaver:

I am writing to invite you to become part of an organized effort among over 100 bloggers to help bring a just resolution to the plight of Terri Schiavo. Terri Schiavo is a disabled woman who has been denied appropriate medical treatment and whose life has been threatened for the past fifteen years. Right now there is a massive effort in the Blogosphere to first save her life and then restore her rights to appropriate medical treatment. You can help in this effort. Here's how:

1. Educate yourself on her situation. A good comprehensive website to start with is her family's official website at You can find the latest breaking news on her case at In addition, there are many other linked websites and blogs you can visit, and you can find your own sources with the help of your favorite search engine.

2. Get the word out. Email your family and friends, your local radio stations, newspapers, and anyone else you can think of.

3. Join the effort at
Since you have a blog, consider joining the blogburst and post about Terri on a daily basis. Contact the key people in Florida provided here at
You also have an opportunity to participate in a pledge drive to raise funds to place a full page ad in the St. Petersburg Times, Terri Schiavo's local paper. Go to for more information. No doubt, there are other ways to get involved in the works. Check back at often for updates.

I know we can't all do everything, but if we all do what we can, we can make a difference. Please join our efforts to help save Terri Schiavo's life and provide her with the medical treatment she has been so long denied. Thank you for your consideration.

Beth Cleaver

Welcome to the ring

Angry Twins
Clairity's Place
Dogma Blog
martha, martha
Sapor Sapientiae
Stand Up and Be Catholic
Suele Suceder
Unam Sanctum
Veritatis Splendor

Will the person(s) responsible for reporting me to Ringsurf please stop? The ring has not been abandoned. I have a full-time job and a four-month-old child, and five editing assignments due in March. Like Geddy sings, I do the best that I can.

I certainly hope whomever contacted Ringsurf at least had good cause. There are still a number of blogs in the queue without the code.

In the process of spring cleaning the blogroll. It's overgrown, not necessarily like weeds in a yard, because there are no weeds in the bunch. Noticed a few blogs were stagnant, others gone, so I'm starting anew. It will take some time but I'll be working on it in the midst of doing other important things, like that upcoming pictorial salute to Max Gail. Bet you can't wait for that, eh?

Anyway, if you were on the roll and now are not, it's nothing personal. Just drop me a line in the comments box and let me know you're still blogging and I'll put you back up.

Is there a patron for hot-headed, sleep-deprived mommies?

There's a reason I don't debate apologetics, I blow my stack. I take the easy way out. Instead of counting to ten and trying to think of a plausible and polite rebuttal to a challenge, I'm more apt to take the Jeanine Garafolo approach as seen in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion when she tells Camryn Manheim to "f--- off."

I'm being challenged in real life, and my tongue is tied. I don't want to convert anybody, I just want to be able to hold my own without looking the fool, and it's not working. I don't being accused of defending a religion as opposed to defending my faith, which is where my current situation seems to be going. Please pray for me. Better yet, help.

Brain damaged woman talks after 20 years. One must wonder how much better Terry Schiavo would have fared if she were given better treatment.


Damn you, Baldrick!

Well, I'm hearing now that the Blackadder report is baldrick-dash. Apparently it's just a rumor that The Sun ran with, there isn't a fifth series in the works. So I suppose we'll have to be content with the DVDs and that bizzare Little Britain show on BBCA.

Sgt. Blackadder's Lonely Cunning Plan

New Blackadder series to be set in the swinging Sixties. I can't wait, I've been in withdrawl for years, having to be satisfied with what BBC America is showing. I have to wonder, though, if Hugh Laurie will put in overtime since he's doing House. Can't see leaving George behind.

"I'm supposed to be teaching you. If I can do that without listening to you, more power to me." - House

To which Malc replied, "Wouldn't that look funny on my next syllabus?"

Criminal Court Part Two is now in session

Got the first season of Night Court on DVD with my Best Buy gift card today. Why is it nobody will let you just buy something at a store anymore? Clerks need to know my phone number, try to sell me rewards cards and subscriptions to magazines. I'm on my lunch break, I need to get back. Just sell me the damn DVD and I'm gone. Didn't help that the poor girl mumbled her entire dialogue. Bleh. Maybe I'll stick to from now on.

You can, too, with the links to your right (hint, hint).

Depressing note, I didn't get into the First Coast Writers Festival, but I'm encouraged to submit a presentation for next year. That's what they said last year, too.


Got an e-mail from author Ann Crispin. If you're a sci-fi fan, you'll have heard of her; I know she's written a few Star Trek novels, as well as novels based on others shows (V, I think). Anyway, just Google her for the bibliography. Ann is spearheading the campaign to investigate Publish America and their alleged dubious practices. If you or anyone you know has dealt with PA, contact me and I'll forward you Ann's letter.

I've been fortunate never to have dealt with PA myself, but I can tell a similar story with the publisher who put out Little Flowers in 2001. When I was informed they were going out of business, I barely was able to order a box of books just to keep. I have one original copy left, the rest were sold or given away. I bought that box at the end of 2003; I have yet to receive royalties on the box I purchased. It's not worth suing for, either. Besides, I don't know what happened to them. That's why the PA stories burn me up. Nobody should be taken advantage of like some of us have been in the past.

The Good, The Bad, The Unpublished

It is February. You will note I had announced many moons ago that my coloring book on Blessed Miguel was due in November, last November. Still no book. The latest word from Catholic World Mission is that the artist has had to undergo a number of surgeries, so the project is still in the works. In the meantime, the radio shio on Blessed Miguel that I wrote is near completion, but I still don't have an air date.

Mark your calendars, on October 23rd I'll be in Waynesboro, Virginia for the second annual Book 'Em event. They had such a good turnout last year they are expanding it to two days. I'd be there on the 22nd, but that is Genny's first birthday. Also, I'm trying to get into the Amelia Island Book Festival in early October and the First Coast Writers Festival in May. Fingers crossed.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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