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So Geneva's boyfriend has his own website now. Not too shabby, but the picture on front makes him look like a CNN anchor or something. If you're in the mood for a laugh, click on the "Download Illegal MP3s" link.

It finally hit me today...

as I was calling the sitter to say I would be late. I called myself "Geneva's Mom." It hit me: I'm somebody's mom. And it only took six months for it to sink in.

Signs of Parental Sleep Deprivation: No. 4

You know you're a sleep-deprived parent when the last intelligent conversation in which you were engaged was a debate about whether the Wiggle in the red shirt could take on Russell Crowe in a grudge match.


He is here

May God bless our new Holy Father and guide him wisely.

Dear Penthouse, never in a million years did I think this could ever happen to me...

Geddy, gimme some merlot

Oh, what I wouldn't give to play hide and seek in Geddy's wine cellar. Yeah, I'm in a weird mood.

Things to do before I die: Revised 4-12-05

See Paul McCartney in concert
See Rush in concert
Get a book published

Hike the Appalachian Trail
Read all the Pulitzer fiction winners
Read the Viking Top 100 novels
Learn to dance like Tina Turner in ridiculously high heels without looking like an idiot

Just watched a video on VH1C. How the hell does she do it? The woman defies laws of physics.


Tiger on the 16th hole! Woo! What a shot!

Breathe...breathe in the air. Don't be afraid to care.

It took all of my strength not to stand on my chair in my cubicle at work the second I overheard a new co-worker griping about the coverage of Papa's passing. I heard "leader" and "most corrupt organization" and I so wanted to stand up and start screaming. Of course, who am I to cast stones? We are not without problems, but this habit of people making blanket statements about the Church doesn't sit well. Other organizations do far worse things.

Quickly the subject changed to which poor unfortunate, tone-deaf soul was ousted from American Idol, Bachelor Bob, Who Wants to Be Exploited?, etc. Welcome to my life. When I wasn't actually working I spent my downtime staring at Genny's picture, praying for the state to find a way to pay teachers what they are really worth, that my time might be better spent teaching her to be a more charitable Christian than her mother.

There's a discussion on a board I frequent about possible names the next pontiff will choose. Personally I hope he doesn't pick John Paul III. Not that it wouldn't be a fond tribute, but I think some time should pass before the name is taken again. Perhaps another Pope John or Pope Paul, or maybe something unique.

Getting back to normal, I am trying to devote myself more to Genny's television viewing habits. I might have mentioned once that she's rather sweet on The Wiggles, who are reported to be the wealthiest entertainers in Australia. They're raking in more than AC/DC, to whom Genny is also partial, though I think Neil Peart is still her first love.

And Cookie Monster is eating veggies now. I don't get it. When I was five years old I watched this cat put away an entire case of Vienna Fingers without blinking (of course, Cookie Monster can't blink, he doesn't have eyelids). Crumbs spewing, deep-throated moans of approval...and not once in my youth was I ever encouraged to binge snack like that. It took a bad relationship in college to ignite that habit. Cookie Monster is faultless.


Finding joy in small things

It's a sad time still, yes, and at our house it's been amplified by the news of the death of Malc's major professor from UGA. Coupled with some recent online ugliness, I can safely say I just haven't found the heart to "Get Lively."

So you might find it odd to know that it had to take something like breakfast cereal to help lift the mood around here. Picture, if you will, a look of bright-eyed joy on the face of a nearly middle-aged couple upon turning a corner and discovering a bold pyramid of blue cereal boxes, harkening back to younger, more carefree days. Quisp. Quisp is back. It's at the beach, at our store, grinning wide through the image of a bulb-headed pink alien. We had to move the baby to fill our cart.

It may sound silly to think that one's mood can be lightened by something like this, but given recent events I find it's okay to find joy in small things, especially things connected to a pleasant memory. I think of Quisp, and I'm seven years old again, watching the Archies with a big bowl of cereal, and unaware that there's a world full of ugliness waiting for you when you're first able to comprehend it. I'd like to be that young again, if only for a day. I look at Genny and hope she stays that young forever.

Oh, my pa-pa, to me he was so wonderful.
Oh, my pa-pa, to me he was so good.
No one could be, so gentle and so lovable.
Oh, my pa-pa, he always understood.
Gone are the days when he could take me on his knee
and with a smile he'd change my tears to laughter.
Oh, my pa-pa, so funny, so adorable,
always the clown so funny in his way.
Oh, my pa-pa, to me he was so wonderful.
Deep in my heart I miss him so today.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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