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I've gone through the whole ring queue and eliminated every site over a month old that still didn't have code. Noticed some sites had registered twice, you need only register one with Ringsurf, and make sure the code is in your template. No code, no admission. I don't know if some people assume I go in there and add it for you, I can't do that. You have to do it.

Also, now that the queue is clear, there's a new policy for joining the St. Blog's ring: A) Must be a blog, no general Catholic sites; B) must be Catholic, Eastern is accepted; C) Must have code up within five days. After five days, I'll email the code again. If it still isn't up, you're gone. THEN you can reapply.

Well, people sometimes call me Kathy...

The Wisdom of Malc

While watching Tombstone:

"Funny how these four guys alone could find and kill a 200-person gang in the West on horses and we can't find Bin Laden with radar."


Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour

Just a few places where I'll be signing and selling Pithed, Pray, Saints and Trivial...

August 6, 2005 - Martinsville, VA
Read Martinsville

August 13, 2005 - Cambridge, MD
Book Fair at Never On Tuesday Bookstore
Booksigning - PENDING

September 17, 2005 - Glen Allen, VA
Virginia Romance Writers Meeting
Guest Speaker

September 30, 2005 - Fernandina Beach, FL
Book Island Festival - Books By the Beach Party

October 2, 2005 - St. Augustine, FL
Romantic Inns and Writers Tour

October 22-23, 2005 - Waynesboro, VA
Book Em Festival

Mar 22-26, 2006 - Charlottesville, VA
Virginia Festival of the Book

April 21-23, 2006 - Washington, DC
Malice Domestic XVIII
Need to register

April 29, 2006, Huntington, WV
Ohio River Festival of Books
Need to apply

May, 2006 - BEA in DC or RT in Daytona, not yet determined

June (date TBD), 2006 - Chicago, IL
Printer's Row 2006

Warm Fuzzies

Author Kathryn Lively quickly established a direct connection with her main character. I read the confession, knew who and how, didn’t I? I was pulled right in to Andy Farmer's moral and ethical dilemma of loyalties and friendship, trapped in his confusion with each rise, dip, twist, and turn of this well crafted, fast moving, roller coaster adventure, expertly jolted from my conclusions and left looking for new answers. And, all the while, I was thoroughly entertained. “Pithed” is a page turner. Andy is a new favorite. And, Kathryn Lively is a new author to watch.

Review © Charlene Austin

Haven't you bought this book yet?


Nothing like seeing your name in print.

Start saving, we'll meet at Scarlett O'Hara for drinks

“Romantic Inns & Writers Tour”

A Unique Event that Celebrates National Historic Inn and B&B Day

St. Augustine, Fl (JUNE 14, 2005) The St. Augustine Historic Inns and the First Coast Romance Writers Association are hosting a Sunday afternoon tour of Inns and published romance writers on October 2, 2005 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm. Each of the 24 historic inns will open their doors to tour goers, sharing their distinctive and award-winning properties for a glimpse into the romantic past. At the same time, prominent romance writers will be at each inn meeting fans and signing their most recently published novels.

The 1st Annual ‘Romantic Inns & Writers Tour’ will feature popular writers whose books include historical, romantic suspense, Regency, paranormal and contemporary themes. Four of the noted writers are:

Regan Black, author of JUSTICE INCARNATE, Barnes & Noble Writers Workshop Award Winner

Jennifer Ferranno, author of THE SENATOR’S WIFE, Suspense Thriller

Heide Katros, author of VIKING RAIDER, CAPA Best Historical Romance Nominee

Kathryn Lively, author of SAINTS PERSERVE US: an Ash Lake Mystery, 2003 Royal Palm Award Winner, Best Published Mystery

The cost for the ‘Romantic Inns and Writers Tour’ is $20, (a non-refundable donation) with a portion of the proceeds to be given to EPIC Community Services (Education Prevention Intervention & Counseling).

Tickets can be reserve in advance by calling (904)829-3295 or purchased on the day of the event at participating inns. Each ticket will have a self-guided map of inns and authors for tour goers’ convenience.

A $20 discount on bed & breakfast accommodations will be offered from October 2-6 for tour ticket holders (up to $20/night).

Nationally recognized for more than a decade for their open house Holiday Tour each December, the St. Augustine Historic Inns are a stunning collection of 19th and 20th century homes, dating from 1791-1915. They embody the romance and history of St. Augustine, offering the best in architectural preservation, unique character, tradition and hospitality for which America’s oldest city is known. Within walking distance to each other, they are surrounded by charming boutiques, international restaurants, historic landmarks, the Atlantic Ocean, legends and ghosts that go back to the founding of St. Augustine in 1565. This year, the Inn Association celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

For Information and photos visit:


Isn't this why Nicole left?

My dilemma is this...

The scheduling angels, in their infinite wisdom, have scheduled the Romantic Times 2006 convention and BookExpo America 2006 on the same bloody weekend! I had planned to attend both with my publishers to maybe sell a book to somebody who isn't a relative, and unfortunately these events are not close enough to allow me to do both. So I must choose, the lady or the tiger. Paper or plastic. Baked or fried. Geddy or Paulie. Ugh.

So let's weigh out some pros and cons. Maybe you can help me decide:

RT: in Daytona Beach - close to my parents so I have room and board free
BEA: in DC - close to me, and I have family there as well

RT: attended mainly by readers who love to buy books
BEA: attended mainly by booksellers who will determine what books end up on their shelves

RT: features workshops for authors, insight on writing and marketing
BEA: same

RT: lots of hunky cover models wandering around the place
BEA: maybe I'll get to see Dave Barry again like I did in Chicago

RT: would have opportunity to sell and sign books
BEA: would have opportunity to sign books, but no selling - the books would go to the booksellers as samples

RT: caters to all genres of fiction, so my mysteries would work there
BEA: same

I won't factor cost, because both events are worth their price, though BEA for me was cheap because I got in through another company. I paid $75 just to wander around for three days. RT will cost a few hundred.


I greet the newcomers who found this blog on searches for "sleep deprivation" and "Patricia Kennealy's home address." Sorry to say that I don't know where Patricia Kennealy lives, and I don't think she knows where Jim Morrison is now, assuming he's not six feet under in France, as normal people assume he is.

Just browsing through the archives where I found the posts that led people to this blog, I realized something. I used to write so much here. I used to write lengthy, thought-provoking entries...of course, not all of them made sense. To think of it, I doubt any post makes sense here. This has mainly been a repository for every weird little thought I wanted to expel from memory so I could preserve my mind for more important things, like remembering to pay rent.

Anyway, I have concluded that the sudden downward spiral coincided with the baby, though I don't hold her responsible. It could be my thoughts of the baby have pushed aside the myriad of useless trivia I had kept stored for years. Perhaps, too, I seldom post out of fear that one day Genny will read all of this and think that her mother is strange. Of course, I imagine she won't need to read this blog to figure that out.

The point is, I will endeavor to make more time to post more substantially in the future, when I'm not watching the baby, or writing a book, or trying to get people to buy the books I have out.


To quote Frank Barone...Holy crap!

Midwest Book Review reviewed Pithed, and what a review!

School mysteries are usually such fun because of the potential for a character driven plot, and Kathryn Lively plays it to the max. Poor Andy Farmer finds himself as one of the prime suspects in the murder of a vile man who had the power and loved to destroy careers. His fellow teachers all have their coping mechanisms for dealing with such machinations, but Andy's best friend Chuck has the most to hide and believes he committed the murder in a moment of loyalty to Andy. As if Andy didn't have enough to feel guilty about! Enough said...this is a cozy mystery written by a woman with wisdom far beyond her years. She understands the desperation of baby boomers nearing retirement and spins a darn good yard around that idea. Kathryn Lively is definitely an up and comer, and PITHED is a great little mystery!

I'm feeling a bit taller today, don't know about you.

Pray For Us Sinners

Pray For Us Sinners: An Ash Lake Mystery by Kathryn Lively

Now available in eBook and paperback! Order by clicking on the above link.

Soap star Allayne Witt was Ash Lake, Florida's "local girl made good." Her untimely death of cancer touched all, especially childhood friends Ronnie Lord and Gina Hayes.

Allayne's brash stage mother, however, has ideas of her own. Not only is Lorraine Witz convinced that her daughter was murdered, she believes Ronnie is the perfect person to solve the crime! With very little evidence to go on, and professional and personal problems with Sheriff Lew Caperton causing her frustration, Ronnie is reluctant to be of service, yet can do little to resist the pull of "Hurricane Lorraine." Preparing to meet the Pope at her great, great aunt Lorena's canonization ceremony must wait in this sequel to the award-winning Saints Preserve Us.

PRAY FOR US SINNERS is a witty, breezy mystery with an appealing heroine/detective, a well-drawn supporting cast, and a surprise ending. Now, what more could you possibly want? - William J. Calabrese, author of BORDERLAND and TO CAPTURE AN EAGLE

[PRAY FOR US SINNERS] is an intriguing page-turner, full of plot twists and quirky characters, set in steamy Northeast Florida. I recommend you buy two copies: one for you, and one for your favorite priest! - Lydia Hawke, author of FIRETRAIL and PERFECT DISGUISE

PRAY FOR US SINNERS is the perfect blend and balance of mystery, humor and history. Unforgettable characters and surprising twists up until the very end make this a must read mystery. - Karen Rinehart, Newspaper columnist and author of INVISIBLE UNDERWEAR, BUS STOP MOMMIES and OTHER THINGS TRUE TO LIFE

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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