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An interview with me on Catholic Online. Nice thing to see before my first booksigning since the Catholic Writers Festival in Steubenville.

That ain't the Sign of's all the smoke from the birthday candles

Happy birthday, Ged.

Two nice reviews of the Ash Lake mysteries from Once Upon a Romance:

4.5 stars for Saints Preserve Us
4.5 stars for Pray For Us Sinners

A letter by First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln is up for grabs at $6000. No bids yet.

Jennifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend is auctioning old love letters, including one written on toilet paper, for one hundred grand.

You can buy Pithed for only ten dollars.

What's the better deal here?

This is the guy who beat my dad in the Hemingway look-alike contest this year. Dad says he's not going to try a third time, but I think he should.

Check out this interview I did for the Book Club.

Love Romances gives Pray For Us Sinners four hearts!

Today's John Mellancamp sighting brought to you today... conjunction with the Jewish Mother restaurant. At least, the guy I saw in the booth across from ours last night looked like him. And he is in town doing a show with John Fogarty.

Heckle: What do they serve at the Jewish Mother?
Jeckle: Guilt.


I did see him, you know.

Cary Elwes to portray young Karol in upcoming miniseries about Papa JPII. All I can see is watching that and waiting for Karol to say "As you wish." No word on who will be playing Miracle Max.

End of the line, rainbow, what-evah

If you're in St. Augustine on October 2, be sure to stop by At Journey's End, a delightful B&B where I and another author will be signing and selling books as part of the the Old City's B&B Book Tour. I'll have copies of Pithed, Pray, Saints, Dangerous Words, and Trivial in print and on disc, and if all goes well I may have some copies of my Miguel Pro children's book in time for the event. Little Flowers, unfortunately, will not be out yet.

As seen in the Florida Times-Union

Forrest High alumna writes mystery novel. Hey, she looks familiar.

Genuine accident...or elaborate PR stunt? There's a rash of accidental Harry Potter sales going around. I remember working at B&N, how we were expressly forbidden to sell a bestseller before its release date, else subject the store to a fine. Serious fines, too, in the thousands of dollars. I don't completely understand the reasoning behind it, but right now I'm trying to figure out how to work this to my advantage.

So if I hurry up and finish Collared, the sequel to Pithed and accidentally sell it before it's contracted, will I sell a million copies? What of the people who have bought the new Harry Potter? How the publisher must be itching to track them down. I can just see somebody atop a bank building with a book and bullhorn, threatening to read aloud while the National Guard covers the sidewalks.

Buy my books. I don't care if it's before their time. Please.

Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Potato Potato Potato

I can name all four Wiggles, but not all of the Supreme Court Justices. Blah. At least Murray's cute.


Bonfire of the Vanities
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Cosmos, Liturgy, Sex
An Examined Life
Gen X Revert
Mexican Report
Right as Usual
Sparkling Whine
Transcendental Musings

Quotidian Quintilian, What I Wanted to Say, Peeping Thomists, Catholic Radical, Clamor Meus...get your codes in the templates and I'll add you.

Novus Medio Aevo, you submitted three times to the list and the code's not on your page. Hon, I need the code in your template before I can add you.

Which terror alert system should I use?

Terror Alert Level

Terror Alert Level

Terror Alert Level

Terror Alert Level

KISS as animation saves Santa. Rush as animation rocks da house.

Women Accused of Scamming Aspiring Writers from the AP. I know of the publishing company named in this article, SFWA's Writer Beware site, among other alert sites, keeps up to date on dubious pubs and agencies. Nothing ticks me off more than a company that takes advantage of an aspiring writer. I've been there myself, and now I'm fortunate to have the backing of a good publisher like Mundania. I can only hope that I can sell enough of Pithed to keep that relationship going when I'm ready to send them Collared. I've ordered copies for Read Martinsville, and any money I make from there will likely be funneled back to Mundania to purchase copies for future events. Such is the life of a small press author.

Of course, you can help by getting your own copy.

What, no Chicken and Starrs?

I don't play the drums, but if I did I'd want this kit. Check out the Split Pea(rt) snare.

They Grow Up Too Damn Fast Dept.

She's crawling now, and pulling herself up, saying da-da...

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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