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I've been interviewed by Parker Owens at Main site, then click on Books.


Big spike in visitors this weekend. I thought at first everybody else was wondering about that Alex Lifeson/40 Year-Old-Virgin soon-to-be urban legend, but all were referrals from Amy Welborn's blog. Nice. Buy my book.

Anyway, changes are coming soon, which might or might not allow for more blogging time. I'm taking a new job in two weeks, shucking the shackles of corporate life for something more my speed. Details later.

So it begins again...

Got the edits for the second coming of Little Flowers. I'll be watching this one very closely, now that I have the opportunity to do what should have been done years ago. I hope to have a better marketing plan for this story rather than the advice of the book's original publisher, which was to do nothing because an author who hawks her own work looks unprofessional. Guess what, an author who doesn't hawk her own work sells no books, as I later learned.

I'll do my damndest to make it up to the book, despite the aftermath of recent public appearances. If you don't shoot, you have missed.


This should give me time to watch them all again and understand what's going on before season 2.

It's a Festivus Miracle!

Flash is alive. He emerged from the woods yesterday. Not too injured, but dehydrated. He's at the animal hospital now and the prognosis looks good.

Look for the whole story in the next Andy Farmer book.

Damn Good Dawg

I learned this weekend my father's dog is gone. Not confirmed dead, but just gone. My parents recently moved to a duplex, and Flash was outside doing this thing when their neighbor accidentally clipped the dog backing out of his driveway. Nobody knew the extent of Flash's injuries because he took off into the woods surrounding the complex and hasn't been seen since. Dad wasn't able to find him; it's assumed that he died or that some kind of animal carted him off - it possible, they are pretty remote.

It's upsetting to hear Flash had to go like that. My parents got him at a time when my dad was suffering emotionally and mentally. Flash helped to lift his spirits. If you have read Pithed, the story of how Andy Farmer winds up with the doxie he calls Steely Dan mirrors how Flash came to the family. Flash also inspired Ringo, Jason's beagle in Murder Most Trivial. In fact I had just started writing the sequel to Pithed, where Steely Dan does a particular dog act at St. Max's, when I heard the news. My heart's almost not in it to keep writing, and I know Dad's taking it badly, but I feel something positive can come from this.

Pimp My Ride

From Power Windows, who was kind enough to mention Pray For Us Sinners in the book page for it Rush references:

Image hosted by

Let Tom Wopat top that.

Get it while you can

Bob Stanton and I have asked for reversal of rights on Dangerous Words. When we published the ebook with Echelon Press, we signed an agreement stipulating that we would not seek print publication for two years. The two years are up, and we are going to persue that, but not before the book gets an overhaul. So, if you still want to read it for a buck, now is the time. Get it before Echelon removes it from their catalog. Best buck you'll ever spend outside a jumbo Kit-Kat bar at Rite-Aid.


I have no intention of seeing The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but I can't shake the trailer from my head. Where he's getting his shag carpet waxed off, he screams something that I swear sounds like "Alex Lifeson"! Malc hears it, too, but other people say he is reall screaming, "Kelly Clarkson"!

Why scream either when getting waxed? Is anybody going to know who Kelly Clarkson is five years down the road when this flick is running 20 times a day on TNT? Who is Kelly Clarkson, anyway?

And what about Lerxst? When I met him and Ged, I didn't get the impression that he was particularly hairy. Usually when I scream out Big Al's name it's because...oh, never mind. At any rate, it gives me an excuse to post the pic again. I need to meet them again when I'm not pregnant.

I'm almost tempted to wait for the DVD so I can rewind it and run it in slow motion, discerning the movement of the actor's mouth as he screams. Are his teeth together to form the F in Lifeson, or the hard RK sound of Clarkson? And why can't I think of anything more constructive to do with my time?

Our prices are insane

So are the covers. I ordered a number of copies of Murder Most Trivial from to take with me on these booksignings. They arrived in fairly good condition, but the covers are a bit askew. It appears the covers printed at a slant on some copies, leaving white space which would normally be cut off in the binding process. Doesn't lend a very professional look to the book.

I wouldn't feel right charging the full ten dollars for these books, so I plan to mark them down to five at the book fairs. If you would like a signed, irregular copy of MMT for $6.84 (cost of book plus media mail shipping), drop a line in the comment box and I'll get back to you.

You can still, of course, read it online for free:

Murder Most Trivial - Self-Published in 2002

FrancisIsidore Press, 0971660387, (paper, $15.00)

This title may be purchased via

A free e-book copy of this novel may be downloaded from the links below:

HTML + Hiebook + MS Reader + Palm OS that the final answer? Norfolk high school senior Jason Greevey seems to think so. When winning contestants from a local restaurant's trivia contest begin turning up dead, runner-up Jason worries that he will be the next weakest link! His concerns, however, fall on deaf ears and nearly cause a family feud with widowed father Dan, who has problems of his own. For one, an obsessive former girlfriend is making life
difficult for Dan and his current ladyfriend. Then there are those curious magazines Dan has been finding in his son's bedroom...

Determined to beat the clock and find the killer first, Jason recruits his friends for a citywide chase, going so far as to interview potential witnesses and crash a victim's shivah. His actions hardly meet the approval of his father, not to mention local authorities, but Jason is intent on solving the trivia contest murders, and therefore preserve the future he has yet to reveal to family and friends.

Set in Norfolk, the author has created a pleasant, descriptive background with a definite modern flavor. -- eBook Reviews Weekly

MURDER MOST TRIVIAL is a good read. -- All About Murder

From the opening lines, Murder Most Trivial carries the reader on a fast paced ride from teenaged angst to parental concern, a little romance and a whole lot of cozenage in this easily read, fast paced work. -- Molly


New additions to the Parish ring coming anon. No sense in waiting further for Genny's teeth, they're taking as long as she did when I was waiting for her to be born. Be nice if they all shot out at once.

I've been invited to speak at the Roanoke Public Libraries (Virginia) annual BookFest. More news as it comes.

Low but enthusiastic turnout at Read Martinsville today. Made a new acquaintance, sold a book, looking forward to seeing some of the authors at Book 'Em in Waynesboro in October. Next week, it's off to Cambridge, MD for the Never On Tuesday book fair with a number of other authors. That is part of a larger community event, so we might see more traffic for that one.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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