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2005/12/10 works!

See you there.

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Hold that thought.

I can't get the new blogger to work. I post and nothing comes up. Ugh.

Stay here.

Walk This Way

As I recall, my first blog here was a line from "City of New Orleans." I had thought to try the line Hello, hello, it's good to be back... on the new blog, but Gary Glitter references don't seem appropriate right now, or ever. Instead, just consider this my invitation to you to see the new digs. Come On, Get Lively will remain here for archiving purposes.

See you there.

Little FlowersPithedSaints Preserve USPray For Us SinnersMurder Most Trivial

Moving sale, everything must go!

I'm proud to announce I have purchased webspace for my new website, to debut December 23. I thank the wonder Sarah Churchman for her design looks great and I can't think of a better way to resume my online life with a new look and a new outlook.

My new hosting program comes with blogging software, so I'll be getting Lively elsewhere very soon. The site here will remain for archiving purposes, of course, but when the new site is up I hope those of you who bookmarked me will move with me.

Watch this space.

Another test. I hate coding.

Testing post for the new template. Those of you who remain, please bear with me as construction continues.

Coming soon...

Stay tuned for a whole new look and feel to this blog, to coincide with the all-new, to be launched soon. Edits to the new edition of Little Flowers are done, and I'm off to Roanoke this weekend for Valley Bookfest. Then to submit a short for Mundania's new line of short fiction, then to resume work on Collared. I've decided to skip NaNoWriMo this year due to various circumstances. Collared is going to be a bit more involved than that, it might stretch to January if I'm lucky.

This is not goodbye...

Three years is, I think, a pretty good run for posting regular nonsense and Gedlust and pictures of Dhani Harrison. You'll notice the absurdity is few and far between now. Much has changed on this side of the keyboard - a new job, a baby who isn't quite a baby anymore, and general ennui. The continuous piling on my plate has caused a number of side projects to fall to the wayside, namely the lively blog. I've been stuck on page one of Collared for quite some time, and it seems every time I pick up the pen Little G has something new to say or show. Every time I sit here to blog, I realize I have a speech to write for an upcoming book festival. Too many hands on my time, as the Professor once wrote.

This is not goodbye, but merely a long vacation. I'll still post links to new parishioners, when I remember to add them (LOL). I do have a relaunch of the homepage, which is due at the end of the month, so you know there will be some merry-making to be had then. Otherwise, I need to take a nap. I haven't slept since October 22, 2004, and I imagine the next seventeen, or seventy, years won't be a restful.

Oh, and buy my books.

Only some random number days until Genny goes to college.

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